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Georgia Protests Grow Against Saakashvili

Last year President George Bush blasted Russia for provoking a war against Georgia and hailed President Saakashvilli as an outstanding leader and defender of freedom. The prevailing mood in the American Congress was that Georgia was the victim and Russia the aggressor. However, the people of Georgia have a different perspective than what is found in the United States. An expected 150,000 will be protesting over the coming days demanding the resignation of their president. They believe he was responsible for the war which has caused their nation to lose land. Zaza Gachechiladze, editor of the newspaper, Messenger, notes that Saakashvilli “doesn’t recognize last year’s war as a defeat. He keeps stubbornly saying he is going to stay… He now has very little support in the country.”

Bush, as always, rushed for judgment on the basis of limited evidence and never conducted a serious investigation as to the origin of the war in Georgia. Fortunately, the people of Georgia know what the war was about and how their president blundered.