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Robert Mugabe: Rogue President Of Zimbabwe

The Democratic Alliance in South Africa came out strongly in demanding that its government take action to compel President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to adhere to decisions of the South African Development Community. For the third time, Mugabe refused to even attend, let alone abide, by the SADC decision requiring his government to return or compensate land illegally taken from South African farmers who held land in Zimbabwe. Of course, the reason Mugabe does not wish to return the land is due to having given these possessions to his cabal of admirers who fawn and do whatever the boss man desires. Mugabe has transformed a once agricultural bread basket of Africa into a poverty basket. He has used violence to “win” a presidential election and has killed and brutalized opponents. The government of former South African presidents did nothing because Mugabe waved the flag of “colonialism” to cover up stealing land.

There are over a million refugees in South Africa from Zimbabwe who left because their president wrecked the country’s economy. It is time that South Africa demanded Robert Mugabe adhere to principles of the SADC.

Resign Or Die Is Offer To Madacasgar President!

Early reports about the resignation of the president of Madagascar indicated that Marc Ravalomanana decided in the interest of peace and security in the nation to offer his resignation. However, latest reports indicate he signed the resignation with weapons pointed at hi. “I never resigned. I was forced to hand power over at gunpoint” he now says. Ravalomanana told a special meeting of the Southern African Development Community he had no desire to resign but was forced to by members of the military. The SADC made an unusual decision to suspend Madagascar due the manner in which the current government assumed power. A foreign diplomat who was in the area said he never saw any military forces in the area when the resignation took place.

The SADC is upset at how Madagascar is ruled but it refuses to take any action against President Robert Mugabe who stole an election and has brutalized the nation of Zimbabwe. Is there a double standard as to who can or can not assume power in an African nation?

Zimbabwe Collapsing But No European Protests!

British students are seizing offices in universities as part of their protest against Israel’s invasion of Gaza which left 1,300 dead including about 800 civilians. But, in a former colony of Great Britain, a tyrant named Robert Mugabe rules with an iron fist that has destroyed his nation causing the death of 3,397 from cholera while an additional 65,000 are infected with the dread disease. Over 80% of the population lacks a job and millions barely have enough to survive, but the death of innocent Africans is not on the student agenda this week. The World Health Organization says the health system has completely collapsed, but not cries from Europe about a “Holocaust”and one can only wonder why British students are furious at what happens in Gaza and indifferent to the death of thousands in Zimbabwe as well as the death of five million in the Congo.

Morgan Tsvangirai will attempt to be part of a “coalition government” due to pressure from the Southern African Development Community, but members of his Democratic Movement for Change (DMC) still languish in jail. There is scant confidence in the international community about this coalition government and when it collapses, as it will, the situation will only become worse.

Will anyone cry for the beloved people of Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe Struggles To Unite For Peace, Can It?

The situation in Zimbabwe has gone beyond “critical” into a human disaster stage in which unemployment has now reached 90% and inflation is at a 250,000,000% rate while million s have fled the country in search of any form of work. Movement for Democratic Change,(MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai has decided to accept the position of prime minister of a unity government even though common sense suggests Robert Mugabe will not surrender any power to his opponent. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has urged Tsvangirai to assume the position and promised it would help ensure a genuine sharing of power. Unfortunately, the SADC is not able to guarantee that will ever happen.

Tsvangirai was faced with a lose-lose position. If he refused to enter the “coalition government,” it meant disaster, if he enters the coalition government it may only result in the disaster being blamed on him as well as on Mugabe. The SADC promised to ensure a 12 member supervisory board would make certain there would be sharing of power, but that is a hope rather than an assurance.

An African Tragedy–African Leaders!

It is nearly a year since the people of Zimbabwe, elected Morgan Tsvangirai as their president, but he never took office because the existing president, Robert Mugabe, would never allow anyone but himself to rule the nation. During the ensuing months, Mugabe has been politely asked by numerous leaders of Africa to please agree on a coalition government with Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change, but their pleas disappear into the silence of Mugabe’s dictatorial regime. The Southern African Development Community will once again ask him to work with a coalition government format, and, once again, he will ignore their pleas. The SADC wants Mugabe to continue as president and Tsvangirai to become the prime minister.

The major stumbling block is that Tsvangirai wants his party to have a fair share of power in the Cabinet, but Mugabe refuses to give him anything other than a few minor posts. Patrick Chinamasa, the spokesperson of Mugabe, once again said: “We are not going to agree to a reopening of the subject of allocating of ministers.”

Mugabe has arrested dozens of leaders of the MDC, and he wants complete control of the police and army. His concept of sharing, is that Mugabe people have all the power and Tsvangirai can share in the disaster that is Zimbabwe.

African Leaders To Blame About Zimbabwe

Graca Machel, the former Mozambican first lady, blamed leaders of Africa for failure to deal in an honest and intelligent manner with the problems in Zimbabwe. “Politicians have very large egos to protect. They don’t care if another thousand, another thousand, and another thousand die, as long as they protect their egos.” She was speaking at a gathering of church leaders who are attempting to help the people of Zimbabwe. Ms. Machel, undoubtedly was referring to leaders of the Southern African Development Community, who regard the tyrant Robert Mugabe as an old comrade in arms from the days when they all fought colonialism. This has led them to ignore the disaster Mugabe has inflicted on his own people.

Ms. Machel emphasized that in the past African leaders stood united against oppression, but today they ignore Mugabe mistakes and turn a blind eye to the 2,300 cholera deaths in Zimbabwe because Mugabe is friend. Which comes first, the people or their friend?

SADC To Zimbabwe -Compromise Or Chaos!

The Southern African Community Development organization has been attempting for months to bring to fruition a compromise in the deadlocked situation of Zimbabwe. Petty tyrant President Robert Mugabe has refused to allow his rival, Morgan Tsvangirai, to have access to any power in the so-called “unity government” that was supposed to be created. Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change insist their party must control either the army or police because without such access to equal power, Mugabe’s thugs and henchmen will simply continue their war of terror against innocent people who dare to challenge one party rule in their nation.

Jacob Zuma, who will become the next president of South Africa, emphasized “the SADC must make Zimbabweans reach and agreement.” Thousands of refugees from Zimbabwe are currently in South Africa and can not return to their nation which has collapsed due to disastrous economic policies of Mugabe. South Africa and several other nations, for the first time, have come out against a man who fought for colonialism because Mugabe is an incompetent ruler.

South Africa Hosts Regional Meeting On Zimbabwe

South Africa has asked for a meeting with other members of the Southern African Development Community(SADC) is a desperate effort to achieve some form of resolution of the current impasse in Zimbabwe. African leaders will assemble on Sunday in an effort to find a way to get President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to accede to the need of compromising with his opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC). Africa is close to confronting a major human disaster since millions of Zimbabweans are on the verge of starvation due to the disastrous economic policies of Mugabe who has transformed a once prosperous nation into a basket case of poverty.

President Ian Khama of Botswana, one of Mugabe’s fiercest critics, demanded a new and honest election in Zimbabwe. “We strongly believe that the one viable way forward in Zimbabwe is to have a rerun of the presidential election under full international sponsorship and supervision.” It is unlikely Mugabe will accede to an honest election because he knows for certain he will lose.

Unfortunately, the only message that will get through to Mulgabe and his thieving henchmen is force.

Tsvangirai-If Mugabe Controls Army-We Control Police!

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) in Zimbabwe, made it clear to the Mugabe government that if it wishes to retain control over the armed forces, his party must have control over the police. Mugabe has used the police to beat, harass, rape and kill MDC members and it would be an invitation to disaster to allow Mugabe complete control over armed forces in the nation. “If (Mugabe’s) Zanu-PF takes Defense, we take Home Affairs, that is not negotiable.” Mugabe interpreted a “power-sharing agreement” to mean his party controlled the police, the army, Finance and other key ministries in a nation that due to his inept leadership now endures a 11,000,000% inflation rate and at least half the country faces starvation in the coming months.

Tsvangirai and the MDC have no other choice but to insist on assuming control of Zimbabwe. The nation is in a state of complete collapse due to the Mugabe rule and allowing him to continue enjoying unchecked power is simply ensuring starvation for millions.

Tsvangirai said he would attend the SADC meeting in Harare where African leaders will attempt to persuade Mugabe to compromise if he really cares about the people of his nation.

Zimbabwe Tragedy Goes On And On And On…..

Months and weeks have passed since President Mugabe stole an election which resulted in him becoming “president” of his nation. The Southern African Development Community(SADC) months ago asked President Mbeki of South Africa to help mediate the dispute between Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) whose original victory in the presidential race was voided by the Mugabe government. Mbeki, a close friend of Mugabe, has procrastinated and hampered any effort to exert pressure on his good friend to behave according to standards of democracy. Tsvangirai was halted at the airport, his passport seized, and finally returned. Every time there is a rumor Mugabe has agreed to anything resembling abandoning some of his power, within hours or a day, the rumor is laid to rest.

The government of Botswana has just about reached the limits of its patience and has threatened to boycott the SADC meeting if Mugabe shows up. Unfortunately, other African nations are not showing similar concern for the people of Zimbabwe. The result is the dance of negotiation goes on and on….