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Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

China, China Daily: “India Cancels Moon Mission”
Instead, India border guards will moon Pakistani guards.

Japan, Japan Times: “US Senate Loses A Lion”
Unfortunately, we still have Republican asses and monkeys.

Sweden, Radio Sweden: “Sweden May Not Wait For Brussels”
I thought they at least would wait until Brussels sprouts.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Capitalism Is The Villain?”
If you ask Republicans it is the Socialist Obama.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Danish Teams A Disaster In Europe”
Have you tried Asia?

UK, The Independent: “Arctic Sea Carrying Illegal Arms”
Where? To the North Pole?

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Karadzic: Not All Graves From Massacres”
No, some of them are from shooting anyone in sight.

Canada, Toronto Star: “York U Panel Urges More Student Space”
Given the obesity level in colleges, let’s definitely give them more space.

Finland, Sanomat: “Sharp Decline In Female Salmon”
Let’s get some male salmon sexy.

New York Times Hooks Wrong Chilean Salmon Source

The New York Times printed a story about the Chilean salmon industry which has created a furor in Chile since sources used by the American newspaper were of dubious validity. The newspaper admitted on Tuesday that a man identified as a top port official was, in fact, a security guard who claimed that bags in the Marine Harvest facility contained antibiotics, pigments, and hormones. The newspaper admitted: “Had The Times been aware of his actual position at the time, it would not have cited him as an authority on the contents of the bags, which were labeled medicated food. The article also should have noted that Marine Harvest and SalmonChile, an industry association, deny that they use hormones or that the pigments they use pose any risk to consumers.”

The article created a literal firestorm in Chile since it resulted in Safeway suspending purchases of salmon from Chile which impacted the entire industry. One is left with the impression that sometimes The New York Times prints some of the news that is not worthy of being printed.