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San Pedro Prison In Bolivia To Be Closed

San Pedro prison in La Paz is famous throughout the world as among the most interesting sights to visit while on a tourist vacation in the capital city. The prison is unique in that tourists can pay bribes to enter, shop at stalls run by the prisoners, stay for dinner inside with the inmates and even purchase some crack, cocaine or marijuana. A British couple were told they could not enter and Matt responded by saying, “what a bummer. This was one of Bolivia’s main attractions. Well, at least let’s take a picture of the gate.” Many Latin American prisons are notorious for violence and fear that result in gang killings and sexual attacks on new prisoners. But, San Pedro is like a small village. Laura Gonzalez, whose husband is a prisoner, expressed regrets at the news of prison changes. “We are very happy here. We have work, we have a home. Outside there is nothing.”

There is something sad when a nation has a prison which offers the only opportunity for many of its people to have work and a home. There is something sad when it is less violent inside than outside the jail. However, the government wants to make clear this prison is a prison. The prison head, Jose Cabrera, let inmates know: “the prisoners have to understand, that this is a penitentiary.”

So, what does the world term the state of Iran?