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West Launches Attack On Iran-Sends In Barbie!

Iran’s top prosecutor blasted the latest manifestation of Western interference in his nation’s internal affairs–sending Barbie dolls to Iranian children. Iran ranks as the world’s third largest importer of toys, and, apparently, Barbie dolls have dramatically impacted the feelings of Iranian female children. According to Dori Najafabad, a prominent prosecutor, the blond haired, scantily dressed doll has led to “destructive, and total cultural consequences.” He insists the appearance of personalities such as “Barbie, Batman, Spiderman, and Harry Potter… computer games, and movies are all a danger” to the health and security of the Iranian nation.

A local Tehran shopkeeper who sells toys told a Reuters reporter, “Iranians love everything Barbie. I just can’t understand it.” He pointed out Iranian manufacturers have introduced “Sarah,” a nice Muslim little girl who dresses in accordance with Islamic tradition, but, for some reason she simply isn’t making it with Iranian girls.