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In Defense Of Palm Palin

I realize there are socialist Democrats who seek to deride a real American who stands tall for restoring this nation to its original principles. Commie loving Obamites are deriding our fearless leader because she writes on her palm and uses this information in order to uphold the American way of life and death. As you know, liberals hate religion and make fun of those like Sarah Palin who never cease opportunities to show respect for her God. What better way to anticipate Palm Sunday than writing on one’s palm words of respect for America? Was it a crime to write, “Lift American Spirits?” Was it a crime to write, “budget cuts?”

Sarah Palin is a fighter for Christianity– that is her crime, not writing on her palms! She wants every day to reflect the spirit of Palm Sunday, is that a crime? Of course, to Socialist God-hating abortionist Democrats celebrating Christianity every day of the year IS a crime!
Sarah– please don’t ever wash your hands again. Sarah, keep them dirty as a symbol to the world that your heart is clean. OK, so, you don’t know where Russia is, is that a crime? But, your hands are filled with the words of God.

Sarah Palin And Politics Of Ignorance

It is always fascinating when anyone connected to the Tea Party group makes a speech which refers to American history how invariably they commit one historical error after another. Sarah Palin told enthusiastic Tea Party ranters they represent the “future of politics in America” and longed for the day when to win a war, we have “a commander-in-chief not a professor of law standing at the lectern.” An interesting metaphor, but hardly consistent with the history of the United States which consistently has had civilians in the role of commander-in-chief during war.

Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe who had never actually participated in the Revolution led the nation during the war against Barbary pirates and the War of 1812. Polk, who had not military experience was in charge during the war with Mexico. I assume the ignorant woman from Alaska has heard of Abraham Lincoln who did listen to military advice, but after reading books on military history, consistently expressed his military ideas to generals. As our story proceeds, there is McKinley who did have some military experience in leading the nation during the Spanish American war and Wilson who had none in WWI. Of course, Franklin Roosevelt had spent his life as one of those “politicians” and was a Harvard graduate and lawyer.

We could go on and on. The history of America is having civilians in charge of the military. Ms. Palin simply does not grasp a foundation of this nation is civilians in charge of the military, not the other way around.

Is Sarah Palin For Real?

FOX News has decided to take a stand for human rights by offering Sarah Palin an opportunity to be a political analyst. This is akin to asking Mark McGuire to be a spokesman for the fight against steroid use in sports. She was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly, the man who speaks the truth as long as the truth reveals scandals and incompetence on the part of liberals and Democrats. Ms. Palin responded to charges by Mark Halperin and John Heilermann in their book, Game Change, that she was unprepared for engaging in debates or responding to reporter interviews. She said the authors were merely trying to “gin up controversy and spin up gossip” and made clear “the rest of America doesn’t care about that crap.” The authors claim while practicing for her debate with some guy she constantly believed was “Joe O’Biden” that the former Alaska governor did not know the difference between North Korea and South Korea nor did she even know who was fighting in Iraq.

Let’s be honest, Sarah Palin is the only person who stands up for the “real American citizen.” After all, how many of them know the difference between the two Koreas, let alone the difference between a Sunni or Shiite Muslim? It is time for America to finally stand up for truth and elect a person who doesn’t know anything about the world. Once ignorance is the norm in the White House, we can sleep in peace knowing that incompetents are in charge and this will result in better government. After all, if supposedly competent people were leading this nation during the early years of the past decade, we wouldn’t have our current problems. Restore ignorance and allow a gun toting mom to run America!

Tea Party Ranters Lack Knowledge Of Tea Party!

Tea Party followers have decided to hold a national convention in Tennessee and have Sarah Palin display her ignorance which would fit into the mode of operation of these ignorant yokels of America. It is apparent none of them actually knows anything about the reasons for the Boston Tea Party. According to modern Tea Party ranters, the Boston incident arose
because Americans did not wish to pay higher taxes on tea. SORRY FELLOWS, YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG. THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT –LOWERED– THE PRICE OF TEA!! It might be interesting if Tea Party advocates actually read a book on history. Of course, their designated moron, Sarah Palin, is living proof that ignorance can result in making money.

Professor John Mark Reynolds, a conservative philosopher, read Sarah Palin’s book and came away in fury. It turns out Ms. Palin, a leading scholar in Greek history, misquoted Aristotle and Plato. As Reynolds notes, “but in writing a book full of spurious misquotations, Sarah Palin demonstrates she is not serious.” I beg to differ with the professor. She is serious, serious about making money and being in the spotlight.

Why Czech Republic Needs Rush Limbaugh!

It is quite clear people in the Czech Republic have been brain washed by the liberal media and Socialist spies who spread lies among innocent populations in order to further the ends of the International Big Business Communist Jewish Conspiracy(BBCJC)that seeks to make the world believe there is such a thing as global warming. Imagine, 80% of the gullible people of the Czech Republic actually believe there is such as thing termed, “global warming,” and, even worse, they blame human actions for this alleged problem. The BBCJC was created by a group of Jewish Rabbis in a graveyard on the border of Germany and France with the goal of twisting minds of humans into believing such things as global warming, the existence of child labor, and, believe it or not, that homeless people actually are present in society!!

There is only one hope for the ignorant people of the Czech Republic–bring Rush Limbaugh to your television stations so he can report the truth, and nothing but the truth. At the same time, you might persuade Sarah Palin to come to the Czech Republic by telling her your nation lies to the west of Alaska and you are desperate for an honest, intellligent prime minister. She would not know the difference between a prime minister of governor so just let her know being prime minister comes with a budget for buying clothes and each member of her family, from the grandchild up, gets a new rifle each year– with free bullets.

Sarah Palin And The Nude Father Of Grandchild!

You most probably recall the tumultuous gathering of Republicans last year who hailed their new conquering hero, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, who they believed represented the moral values of God, decency and the American way of life. There was a slight bump in the road when it was discovered that Bristol Palin was pregnant, but Sarah gathered up the entire family including Levi Johnston, father of the baby, and they descended on the Republican audience in order to prove that while having babies without being married might be the norm for Democrats, it was simply an oversight for Republican pregnant teenagers.

Alas, Levi the Johnston was quickly banished to the forest of lost souls and told not to come near his child. After all, Republicans are Christians and we all know that having babies without getting married is a Democrat action. Sarah’s new book will shortly hit the newstands so Levi, the disgraced one, decided to do his ex-girl friend’s mom, one better. Just as the Palin book appears, Levi will be appearing nude in Playgirl in order to show the world he has nothing to hide.

Would it be possible for Sarah Palin to appear nude so we have proof that she has nothing to hide?


Here are some of my mysteries of life.

How did Dick Cheney accumulate such hate in his heart to those of opposite views?

Why an intelligent man like Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard could believe Sarah Palin is qualified for anything other than shoveling manure.

How Congress could play games with the lives of Americans they represent in order to get money from the healthcare industry?

How Tea Party nuts came up with the Nazi analogy to Obama’s health plan?

Does Rudy Biuliani smile when he acts like macho man knowing full well he has as much courage as the next draft dodger.

Why so many Muslim have such hate in their hearts toward non-Muslims?

Why Israelis have abandoned historic Jewish values of human rights and social justice when it comes to the rights of Palestinians?

Why one 350 pound tackle becomes a bust and never makes an NFL team while a 310 pound tackle becomes an all pro?

Why Barack Obama is displaying the courage of a chocolate eclair in dealing with the health plan?


Following are hobbies that certain people should avoid at all costs.


OSAMA BIN LADEN Studying Torah

MARK SANFORD Samba Instructor

SILVIO BERLUSCONI Collecting dating strategies


ROGER FEDERER Racquet ball

PRESIDENT MUBARAK Starring in Musical, The King And I

SARAH PALIN Studying constitutional law


The longer I live the more mysteries haunt my mind as I examine the human condition. Following are some of my mysteries.

Why does anyone believe Lou Dobbs has the slightest claim to being “independent minded?”

Why humans gravitate to hatred more than to love?

Which is more satisfying, a good piss or a good shit?

How anyone with the mind of a human actually believes Sarah Palin is a qualified candidate to be president?

Why Obama has gone back on his pledge to end torture, rendition of prisoners and defends one Bush policy after another?

How Governor Patterson could have spent so many years in politics and be such an inept governor?

Why math baffles me?

How anyone can avoid grasping Rudy Giuliani is a self serving greedy little man?

How any religions can preach hate toward those of another religion?

Sarah Drops Out -But Into What?

Governor Sarah Palin, the woman who can see Russia across the Bering Straits, announced that she was resigning as governor of Alaska to pursue other interests. It is still unclear if she is serious about transforming the 2012 presidential election into a contest as to which candidate can out-run the other in a marathon race. There are reports the Alaska prima donna will retreat to a mountain top in her home state and prepare running up and down the mountain to prepare herself for the arduous task of being president of the United States. Of course, other reports suggest Ms. Palin will become a librarian and devote the coming years to reading books concerning important issues related to world affairs such as how to whiten one’s teeth or the proper clothes to wear at a presidential reception.

The Governor also made clear to members of the media that is was time for them to leave her children alone. After all, it was the media which forced Palin to bring her children to the Republican convention and it was the media that forced her daughter’s ex father of the child to give up a hunting trip in order to pretend he was madly in love with a Palin girl.

The sad aspect of this story is the reality that Sarah Palin is actually a serious candidate to become president of the United States. Republicans are impressed that she does know the mantra to be used in dealing with any problem– cut taxes, reduce the size of the government, and keep those damn illegal immigrants out of our fair nation. And, definitely invade a nation that poses no threat to America.