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Sarkozy Seeks Argentine Aid To Halt Chavez

President Sarkozy of France is concerned about the behavior of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and reportedly has asked assistance from newly elected President Christina Fenandez de Kirchner to contain the eratic actions of Chavez. Sarkozy believes the Venezuelan who regards Fidel Castro as a role model, has become a “cause for concern for Europe.” Many in Europe believe Chavez threatens stability in Latin America by encouraging radical groups to exert economic power in order to curtail America’s influence in the region. In a sense, he offered to represent the interests of Argentine in Europe if she would represent the interests of France in Latin America.

Chavez frequently is more mouth than reality. He draws upon Cuba for assistance in areas such as medicine, but there is no indication Castro is held in high regard by modern day Latin American youth. President Morales in Bolivia has many internal problems to confront and lacks money, time, or energy to influence other nations of South America.