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Affairs Of State,French Style!

In the United States of America a president who has a dalliance with a young woman is denounced as a pervert and in the case of Bill Clinton, subject to impeachment charges. In France, the allure of l’amour will always be in the hearts of its people and they admire anyone who can enjoy a good sex life. President Nicholas Sarkozy and his glamorous wife, Carla Bruni apparently are in a sex contest as to which one can attain the highest marks for sexual excellence. The press widely reports the who and when and why of their sexual exploits. Ms.Bruni reportedly urged her husband to hire a personal trainer who claimed to possess the ability of improving his sexual capabilities.

The latest episode in the exploits of the man and woman of France concerned questions as to whether Carla was wearing a bra or any underwear while attired in a designer gown. Of course, in America the question would be was she wearing a gun holster under the gown on 2nd Amendment grounds of always being ready to fire away, sexually or with a gun other than a penis.

I have a hunch America would be better off with presidents who got into sex rather than into Iraq. Vive l’amour!!


Each day we offer a sample of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Money Taking Marriage Officials”
Do they take money for marrying people or helping people to end a marriage?

UK, Guardian: “Modern Man A Whimp”
Oh, so this explains Obama’s whimpy attitude toward Afghanistan.

Oman, Oman Tribune: “Oman Rules The Waves”
Of sands, I assume!

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Sarkozy Son Thrown To Wolves”
If he is a true Sarkozy he will soon be able to persuade the wolves he is really a wolf.

Germany, The Local: “Vultures Return To Alps”
So, that’s where the Wall Street financiers have gone!

Egypt, Egypt Daily News: “Campaign Against Inheritance Of Power”
There was no sign of any Kennedy or Bush in the crowd.

Canada, Toronto Star: ‘Nastier Bosses More Insecure”
Does this mean nice bosses are sincere when they fire you?

UK, The Independent: “Prison For Man Who Let Toddler Smoke”
That is no way to treat the CEO of Lucky Strikes.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Wall Street Bankers Lied Over And Over”
But, they are Wall Street bankers, what else are they supposed to do-tell the truth!

Emerging Anti-Turkish EU Coalition?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has long opposed the entry of Turkey into the European Union since he most probably fears the presence of a large Muslim nation in a European group. Recent elections in Germany have resulted in a possible alliance between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats with the Free Democrat party. There are reports France wants the European Union on certain factors embodied in an application to join the group. The German Free Democrats are not enthusiastic supporters of Turkey’s admission to the EU and this might enable Sarkozy to form an alliance with Germany and block the application.

Sarkozy prefers if Turkey anchor a new Mediterranean Union which would encompass nations in the region. This would eliminate the prospect of Muslims from Turkey being able to enter other EU nations without worrying about quotas.

Ahmadinejad And Politics Of Blackmail

Lost in the current state of Iranian politics is the failure on the part of the Iranian government to adhere to Muslim beliefs in honesty, decency and respect for individual rights. President Sarkozy is furious at recent statements by President Ahmadinejad that a French scholar who was arrested in the post election demonstrations might be released in exchange for Iranian criminals now held in French prisons. According to the Iranian president, “there are several Iranians who have been in French prisons for several years” and they also have families.

Sarkozy put it right — this is blackmail. Arrest an innocent French person and use them to secure release of murderers.

An Unusual Story- Political Smears!

An unusual trial is beginning in France in which former prime minister Dominique de Villepin is accused of organizing a smear campaign in 2004 against current President Nicolas Sarkozy when both were vying to secure the nomination of their party of the presidency. Villepin accuses Sarkozy of conducting a vindictive campaign against him and that when the trial is over he will be exonerated. A key issue is whether or not Villepin created a bogus document which he hoped would destroy the reputation of his opponent.

I am just a simple boy from the United States and completely confused about this trial. Where I come from in the good old USA, every politician is concocting phony documents and trying to smear their opponents. Are the French saying this is not Kosher? Tune into Fox News any night to hear the latest phony document or claim such as that Obama was born in a mange in Saudi Arabia and is really the son of a sheikh who was sent to America to destroy the nation. Are you telling me this is not true!!

Sarkozy Tells Israel Get Rid Of Schmuck Lieberman!

French President Nicolas Sarkozy told visiting Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the best way to assist Israel in gaining its foreign policy objectives is to fire the racist mouth that roars nonsense, Avigdor Lieberman. Sarkozy said he ordinarily enjoyed meeting foreign ministers when they passed through Paris, but he had absolutely no interest in ever meeting Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. He urged the Israel leader to reach out to former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and form a coalition government that would be able to lead Israel along the path of peace. The words of the French leader were merely those thought but rarely expressed by European leaders who regard Lieberman as ignorant, racist, and unable to conduct himself in a manner conducive to peace.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was furious to learn what the French president said to the Israeli prime minister. “If the words attributed to the president of France are correct, the interference of a president of a respected state in matters of another democratic state is a grave intolerable thing.”

Of course, insulting Israeli Arabs and calling for their expulsion is simply Avigdor in his most democratic manner.

Will France Allow Turkey Into European Union?

The issue of whether or not Muslim Turkey will be admitted into the European Union will most probably be determined by the attitude of France since President Sarkozy is against allowing a nation containing large numbers of Muslims to enter a European organization. Pierre Leilouche a leading French politician has been a vigorous supporter of Turkey’s entry into the EU but Sarkozy bought him out by offering the position of France’s new minister to Europe. According to Leilouche, “there is one government policy, there are not two, and it is the government’s policy that I will carry out.”

Turkey represents to Europe an opportunity and a serious problem. The problem is will the European Union be fundamentally altered by the presence of a nation whose population is mainly Muslim? There is no question the presence of Turkey will provide Muslims will a strong supporter for policies that foster Muslim ideas. On the other hand, if Turkey can be integrated within the European Union it raises the possibility of melding historic European ideals of democracy and religious freedom within a Muslim context.

Sarkozy Confronts World’s Greatest Issue–Burqa!

Iranians are fighting for freedom in the streets of Tehran as they march directly into men wielding batons and chains, some of the protestors are wearing western clothes, some women are in jeans, and some women are wearing the burqa. But, to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the most critical issue confronting his nation is not the recession, it is not loss of jobs, it is not an education system which does not assist all children, NO, to the man with a beautiful wife it is the sight of women wearing a burqa. He told parliament the issue is not one of religious rights, but “the burqa is not welcome on the French Republic’s territory. It is not what the French Republic wants for the dignity of women” since wearing it is reflection that women are being debased and treated like second humans.

The highest estimate is that about 50,000 Muslim women in France wear a burqa which suggests the vast majority do not. A high percent of women who are protesting in Iran wear the burqa without conveying a sense of inferiority or personal debasement. Ironically, it is men wearing western dress who are beating them.

The issue of the burqa is much ado about nothing. Women have the right to dress as they please and if some prefer the burqa why is that a concern of government? If we allow government to decide women can not wear a burqa it opens the door for government to decide every aspect of the personal lives of people.

Ironically, first lady Carla Bruni of France goes around wearing a dress that reveals her ample breasts. I suspect there are people who view such dress as inappropriate for a woman. Frankly, who cares if she is bare breasted or all covered up?

Obama Backs Turkey EU Bid To Sarkozy

In his meeting with President Sarkozy of France, Barack Obama urged the admittance of Turkey into the European Union. “I’ve said publicly that I think Turkish membership of the EU would be important. What the US wants to do is just to encourage talks and discussions where Turkey can feel confident that it has a friendship with France, with the United States, and with all of Europe and to the extent that it defines itself that it has an opportunity to be part of that.” The French president has opposed the entry of Turkey which he fears would alter the composition of Europe due to its large Muslim population. Sarkozy has been pushing a Mediterranean Union which would also include Israel and other nations which border the body of water.

The two leaders differed on the issue of Muslim women wearing a headscarf. Obama made clear that in the United States, “our basic attitude is that we’re not going to tell people what to wear.” Sarkozy argued his nation did not wish the headscarf because of national opposition to any form of religious symbols in schools or government offices. He also raised the question as to whether girls were being forced to wear the headscarf due to parental pressure.

At this point, it is none of America’s business how France deals with the headscarf. The important issue right now is working to assist the entry of Turkey into the European Union.

Sarkozy And The Imperial Presidency

Alexandr Vondra, former Czech deputy PM for European Affairs, blasted French President Ncolas Sarkozy for his a bsence from the EU Eastern Partnership Summit. “He has not made our EU presidency easier,” he told the French newspaper, Le Monde. In particular, what upset the Czech diplomat was “his imperial style has complicated the team presidency. When he wakes up in the morning, no one knows what his mood is like.” However, in addition to the absence of Sarkozy, neither the prime ministers of Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom or Austria was at the summit meeting.

Most probably, Sarkozy regards an eastern thrust as a counter weight to his favorite project of constructing a Union for the Mediterranean which Sarkozy believes is a way to integrate regional nations and keep Turkey from entering the European Union. At the meeting Sarkozy called to discuss this project, no representative from the Czech Republic was present. Is there a connection between the two events?