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European Duo Says No To Turkey!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made clear that she does not envision a full membership in the European Union for Turkey. Speaking before a group of fellow Christian Democrats, the German leader said “we cannot take in everyone in Europe as a full members.” She expressed concerns about the border of the European Union and worried that too many members would make decision making difficult. “It makes no sense if there are ever more members, and we can’t decide anything anymore.” However, Merkel expressed her support for some form of EU membership for Turkey that was short of full membership.

Mekel received support from French President Nicolas Sarkozy who exclaimed that “when Angela Merkel says Europe must have borders, she is right– because Europe without borders would be a Europe without a will, without identity, without values.”

There are two issues at play in these comments. One, how does an ever expanding Europe reach agreement on anything given current difficulties in having all nations agree to change? Secondly, is a different issue of do European Christians want a large Muslim nation in the European Union. They are separate issues.

Sarkozy Sarcasm Angers Colleagues

President Nicolas Sarkozy has definitely earned the title of “the mouth that roared nonsense,” particularly after his latest episode in the art of insult. At a lunch with 24 French Senators and MPs, the man whose foot is always in his mouth proceeded to hurl one insult after another. He described Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero as stupid, German Chancellor Angela Merkel as someone who did what Sarkozy told her to do, and by the end of the luncheon he made light of President Obama as inexperienced and most probably in need of advice from the man who never fails to provide advice, asked or not. Ironically, his fellow loud mouth, Silvio Berlusconi received high marks, most probably because they share a penchant for saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

According to one report, the French president said when Obama arrives in France this June, he will be asked to walk across the English Channel, “and he’ll do it.” We assume Mr. Sarkozy expects to be asked to address the American Congress in order to share his analysis of people and events. As for Sarah Palin…..

Is Obama Good For Turkey?

President Obama’s strong statement in support of Turkey’s application for entrance into the European Union caused some negative reaction among European leaders such as President Nicolas Sarkozy of France who thought the American was attempting to get involved in the internal affairs of Europe. Some Turks wonder if the Obama endorsement will damage their application, but most analysts believe it can only be a positive factor. Grenville Bysford, a long time researcher on Turkey noted in reference to any damage that might result from the Obama support: “It would be if Bush had said them, but Barack can get away with things Bush could only dream about.” There is still a tremendous resentment of Bush within the European Union and thus its leaders are willing to bend over backward to support the new American president.

Most Turkish leaders believe the Obama comment can only stand to give greater credence to their application for entry into the European Union. Obama has come across as a Western leader who is gaining support within the Muslim world for his positive comments about Muslims and his desire to heal old wounds.

Obama Backs Turkey Entry To EU

The admittance of Turkey into the European Union has created a controversy between Muslims and Christian Europe as to whether the presence of non-Christians within Europe requires accepting reality for the need of a Muslim nation in the group. President Obama on his European trip, urged the European Union to admit Turkey. “The United States and Europe must approach Muslims as our friends, neighbors and partners in fighting injustice, intolerance and Violence.” However, his request encountered strong opposition from President Sarkozy of France who stated bluntly: “I have always been opposed to this entry, and I remain opposed.”

The issue is whether continued Muslim immigration will eventually alter the demographics of the continent and reduce its current Christian majority. However, the fact there are most Muslim does not translate into a Muslim majority. Europe is many, many years from such an eventuality. Perhaps, the real issue is developing economic and educational programs that lead to integration of Muslim within Europe and the eventual creation of a new mixture as to what constitutes being a European.

To The Barricades In France!

Students and professors have taken to the streets of France in protest against the outrageous idea there might be competition in the world of academia. President Sarkozy has outraged professors and students because he wants to grant more power to make changes in the university world that would even allow greater opportunities for private universities. A major issue of contention is the perennial conflict between teaching and engaging in research which bedevils colleges throughout the planet. Sarkozy argues some professors spend time teaching and others engage in what they term “research.” Perhaps, some French or American professor in the field of education can identify a single piece of research that has led to widespread changes in the field of education.

There is no more backward group on planet Earth than college professors who work less than any other occupation, and claim they are busy thinking great thoughts which unfortunately never seem to get into the every day lives of people. In the meantime, French universities have overcrowded classrooms, professors spouting their usual nonsense about ideas that have no relationship to daily life. I write as one who has spent 52 years in education and can count on the fingers of one hand any idea that came out of the field of education that impacted the manner in which we teach young people.

Take to the streets, professors, students, and Sarkozy will each spout their own version of what they consider to be the truth. In reality, it is much ado about nothing. College education could use some real intellectual competition.

Sarkozy Blasts Vatican On Holocaust Denial

President Sarkozy expressed his displeasure with the Vatican’s handling of the recent Holocaust denial on the part of Bishop Williamson who the Pope was prepared to readmit into the Catholic Church. “It is shocking, ” said the French President, “and it is unacceptable that someone in the 21st century can deny the Shoah, the martyrdom of the Jews.” Sarkozy called on the Vatican and the Pope to insist on changes in the views of Bishop Williamson. The Vatican announced that prior to being readmitted to the Church, Williamson must “unequivocally and publicly” change his views on the Holocaust. It also said that Pope Benedict had not known of the bishop’s Holocaust views prior to promising to allow him back into the Catholic Church.

The damage has been done and even if Bishop Wiliamson says he was wrong, few will believe there is sincerity in such statements. Unfortunately, Williamson simply spouts the ignorance of Holocaust deniers who prefer to ignore history due to their hatred of either Jews or Israel.

Emperor Sarkozy Hears No Boos!

There is the oft repeated story of the Emperor who frightened people to such an extent none would dare tell him that he was entirely naked in public for fear of punishment. President Sarkozy of France has fired several people who committed the crime of allowing his majesty to hear the unfortunate sound of boos in the background. A Normandy police chief and a local official were both lost their jobs because during the Sarkozy visit the president was able to hear the sound of people booing him in the distance. A police chief in Corsica was fired because some demonstrators invaded the garden of a friend of the French president. During his recent visit, Sarkozy was overheard referring to the prefect who was in charge of crowd control, as “”Quel con, ce prefet” which translates into “What an arsehole, this prefect.”

Perhaps, in the perfect world of Sarkozy, the world loves him, and there are no negative views that one could have concerning the ideas of the perfect president. Of course, the United States had such a president for eight years and the result was economic chaos and military disasters. It might pay Sarkozy to actually listen to a few boos.

Sarkozy-Merkel Call For New Economic Council

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for creation of a new global economic security council that would be akin to the United Nations Security Council only its goal would be coordinating world-wide efforts to create economic success. Sarkozy made clear that from now on nations of the world did not need American permission or cooperation to focus on economic development. “I’ve always in my political life been a supporter of a close alliance with the United States but let’s be clear: in the 21st century, a single nation can no longer say what we must do or what we must think.” Chancellor Merkel hopes out of the wreckage of the current economic crisis will emerge a new architecture for managing global capitalism.

The French president and Merkel hope that alongside the UN Security Council, “we could also have an economic council” that she believes can focus on creating new international mechanisms for avoiding the type of banking crisis which currently impacts the world.

The days of Reaganism and Ron Paulism in which government supposedly has no right to supervise the “brilliant” business leaders of the economy are now ended. We will see the birth of a new approach to capitalism in which government has a positive role.

Sarkozy Pushes For Cease Fire In Gaza

President Nicolas Sarkozy is leading international efforts to implement a cease fire in Gaza even as Israel soldiers move deeper into the Strip and Hamas rhetoric ever grows louder. While George Bush and Secretary of State Condi Rice remain secluded in Washington D.C.,. the French leader has spoken with Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak about how to end the horror that is unfolding in Gaza. Sarkozy made clear he would tell Israel Prime Minister Olmert to his face the bombing and violence must end right now. “The guns must grow silent, there must be a humanitarian truce. Everyone must understand that what is at stake is not just and issue of Palestinians and Israel, it is a global issue and it is the whole world which will help you find a solution.”

Turkey has offered to convey a Hamas proposal to the UN and Egypt has asked Hamas officials to visit Cairo to discuss the situation. Israel most probably will not accept a cease fire unless the international community is prepared to enforce a cease fire and the end to rocket attacks from Gaza. If Hamas refuses to accept such an outcome, then the world community must end all assistance to Hamas and urge Palestinians to reject that organization.

There are reports that Arab nations will propose a four point agenda:

Halt smuggling of arms into Gaza.

Provide funding to allow Egypt to monitor the Gaza border.

Reopen all border crossings into Gaza.

International monitoring of Gaza to ensure peace.

France Yanks Ads Off Public Television

President Nicolas Sakozy has pushed through parliament a bill that requires television stations funded by the French government to cease taking advertisements in order to be funded. The president argues removing ads represents a “veritable cultural revolution” that will restore quality to public television which increasingly has to compete with commercial television. The bill also allows the president of France–currently Nicolas Sarkozy– to select the chief of the public broadcasting company. In theory, a public broadcasting company should be independent from political control. Didier Mathus, of the Socialist Party, believes the change is really an attempt by Sarkozy to place public television on a leash during the upcoming 2012 presidential election.

Many years ago when television first appeared there was extensive discussion in American about the importance of having a non-commercial public television station that maintained “quality broadcasting.” Unfortunately, with the emergence of hundreds of television stations the issue of quality gets lost because people do have choices. Unfortunately, those choices often result in American Idol programs over serious discussions on public television.

The issue is not ads or no ads. The issue is offering programs that are seen by people. We humans tend all too often to seek the lowest common denominator in television. Such is the human condition.