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World Condemns Mugabe, Demands His Resignation

Nations of the world including France, the UK, America, Kenya and other African nations are urging President Robert Mugabe to resign in order to save the people of his nation from a complete disaster. Hospitals are empty, not because there are not patients, but due to lack of drugs or staff to man them since cholera is sweeping across the nation while starvation threatens the lives of millions. Mugabe stubbornly remains secluded in his little world of toadies who please their beloved leader in exchange for power and money. As French President Sarkozy aptly put it: “There comes a time when a dictator does not want to hear, does not want to understand” and it has become necessary for the world to act in order to save the people of Zimbabwe.

African leaders like Raila Odinga, prime minister of Kenya have demanded African nations take action to get rid of Mugabe. He goes or the people of Zimbabwe will have to go to another nation in order to survive.

French Socialists Move Left

Martine Aubrey, former Labor Minister who masterminded France’s adoption of the 35 hour work week a decade ago was the winner in the election to determine who would lead the Socialist Party in the coming years. She believes French Socialists must station themselves on the Left and offer their nation a progressive centered alternative to President Sarkozy. Her opponent, Segolene Royal refused to concede since she only lost by 42 votes and believes there is need for a recount.

The French Socialist Party has a distinguished history, but it is unclear if it has ideas which can overcome the increasingly popular Sarkozy. It is interesting that Sarkozy is now claiming the end of capitalism as we know it and the need for inventing a new economic order. Will his call for changing capitalism result in borrowing ideas from socialism? The lack of economic clarity in the modern world makes uncertain how Socialists can present a platform that deals with the current crisis. Mouthing old cliches will not work for modern Socialism, it must come forth with a progressive program that revamps capitalism while still keeping those aspects of this discredited economic system which make sense.

Medvedev Reaches Out To European Union

Several long years ago, President Bush looked into the soul of then President Putin and saw someone with whom he could get along. Since then, the ignorant, incompetent Bush has done everything possible to antagonize Russia and make it hostile to the United States. President Nicolas Sarkozy, who holds the current presidency of the EU has made efforts to reach out to Russia in oder to reduce tensions created by American blunders in building missile bases in Poland and supporting Georgia’s ill fated efforts in South Ossetia. European-Russian negotiations for a new Partnership and Cooperation Agreement will soon begin. Europe and Russia are working together on global crisis concerns, and Sarkozy blasted Bush’s ideas on anti-missile bases in Poland.

Russia is now the European Union’s third largest trading partner and it increasingly supplies extensive oil and gas to meet the needs of European nations. There is hope once Barack Obama becomes president in January he will join EU efforts to undo damage done by Bush’s incompetent behavior toward a major nation of the world.

Sarkozy Wants Eurozone Government

The economic crisis continues to compel nations to reconsider relations between governments in time of dislocation of banks and industries. French President Sarkozy has been urging greater cohesion of European Union efforts to deal with the current banking crisis. He is now calling for creation of an “economic government” for countries which use the euro in order to have more effective response mechanisms when the world confronts banking and business failures that threaten the very security of economies.”It’s funny,” he said, “we can have the same bank(ECB), the same currency, the same market and that speaking of a(common) economic policy is not good. Honestly, it’s a curious idea.”

It appears the French leader initially is considering regular meetings of government leaders to focus on joint of cooperation and responses to an economic situation. He fears that other nations will now work more closely with their banks and major industries in order to jump start economies and create new industries. Sarkozy most probably believes the old ideas of a free market that is unsupervised by anyone are a relic of the economic world that is disappearing.

Perhaps, we are living through the birth of a new conception of capitalism that incorporates socialist ideas.

Sarkozy Urges Permanent EU President

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are urging shifting from a rotating president of the European Union to making it a permanent position. “We need a president of the Council(the institution representing all EU member states) that does not change every six months,”said Mr. Barroso. The European Union needs a sense of permanency and a leadership that will assert the collective might and ideas of all members. Barraaso is interested in having Sarkozy serve as the president of the European Union on a permanent basis, but it is still unclear if the French president would be willing to surrender his present leadership of the French nation.

The European Union has evolved into a powerful coalition of 27 nations, but it is time to move on to the next stage of a united nation composed of its federal units. The world needs a powerful EU, particularly at a time when the United States might wind up with a John McCain presidency. The world needs a powerful alternative to the United States which is floundering and confused.

European Union Struggles With Financial Crisis

The presidency of George Bush has a unique ability to impact the entire world due to its ongoing fouls up both domestically and in foreign policy. The nations of Europe are now confronted with serious financial issues arising from Bush failures to regulate the American financial industry. European leaders, as of the present, are confronting these issues on a nation basis rather than as a united European Union. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been insisting that high-flying bankers pay if their institutions go under, met with other leaders and agreed with them each must deal with collapsing banks by “its own means” although he believes there is also need to eventually function in a more “co-ordinated way.”

The weakness of the EU is apparent by its inability to bring together all members in order to deal with the financial crisis with a coordinated plan of action. There is some talk about organizing a world economic conference next year in order to engage in long range planning about world financial structures.

Is This The End Of Laissez-Faire Capitalism?

The American financial crisis is raising issues about the future of capitalism, at least the version currently on display in the United States under the anti-regulation regime of George Bush. French President Nicolas Sarkozy stated bluntly the under-regulated system we once knew is now “finished” and the world must explore other versions of capitalism. German Finance Minister Peer Steinbruck said the crisis also marks the end of America as the world’s economic superpower. Sarkozy told a crowd of supporters, “the idea of the all-powerful market that must not be constrained by any rules, by any political intervention, was mad. the idea that markets were always right was mad.” He raise the issue as to whether capitalism must now be reconstituted so that ethics and government have important roles in modern economics.

The French president said we need a “market economy (that ) is a regulated market… in the service of all. It is not the law of the jungle, it is not exorbitant profits for a few, and sacrifices for all others.” Hopefully, the future will look back at 2008 as the time when those who believed in free enterprise began the process of creating a new version of capitalism.

Sarkozy Tries To Calm Russia Over Georgia

President Sarkozy flew to Russia yesterday in an effort to save the cease fire in Georgia that he has tried to implement. As the European Union president for this time period, the French leader is attempting to persuade Russian leader Dimitry Medvedev to withdraw his troops and allow EU monitors to take over the task of implementing the cease fire. His goal will not receive a positive reaction from Russian leaders who already have indicated their disapproval of such a suggestion. Sarkozy emphasized to Russia, the EU is united in seeking peace in the region and wants “good neighborly relations” with Russia, but “the European Union also has its principles and convictions.”

A month ago Russia promised to begin withdrawing its forces from Georgia and insists its soldiers are the peacekeepers in the region. Missing from Sarkozy’s demands is any acknowledgment that Georgia created the entire incident by invading South Ossetia and bombing its people. Perhaps, if there was recognition of Russia’s legitimate right to have secure borders, the entire matter could swiftly be resolved. A first step would be ending the Bush plan for missile bases in Poland.

Israel Frustrated By Syrian Peace Moves

The Israel government increasingly is frustrated as Syria continues its diplomatic fight to gain support from nations such as France and Turkey in its efforts to secure the peace it desires from Israel. President Bashar Assad recently met with President Sarkozy of France and Turkey’s prime minister, Erdogan. As one Israel diplomat commented, “He(Assad) no longer needs to negotiate with us. he got out of his isolation, and now can put us on hold. He is now trying to blame us for the postponement.”(of negotiations). However, Turkish prime minister Erdogan insisted peace talks are continuing.

The lack of imagination on the part of Israel leaders over the past several years is among the key factors resulting in an impasse in resolving issues with Palestinians. Some Israelis believe time is on their side, it is not. Assad has gone from being an isolated dictator to an individual who attracts the attention of world leaders.

Syria Urges Peace With Iran

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said any attack on Iran would be a disaster not merely for the Middle East but for the entire world. “Nobody in the world will be able to bear the consequences of any action that is not peaceful because it would not result in a solution but in a disaster.” During his meeting with President Sarkozy, the Syrian leader emphasized the importance of relying on diplomatic approaches rather than resort to a military solution. In response, Sarkozy urged Assad to make clear to Iran the importance of working with the United Nations in resolving issues concerning its nuclear program.

Sarkozy has taken the lead in reaching out to Assad. He has promised economic aid if Syria will take steps to end imprisonment of political prisoners and restore the semblance of a democratic society. Assad and Sarkozy will join leaders of Turkey and Qatar in discussing possible solutions to the Israel-Palestinian problem and to the turmoil in Lebanon.