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Dueling Words, Not Swords Between Russia And EU

President Dimitry Medvedev praised the European Union for abandoning talk about instituting sanctions against his nation. He blamed failure on the part of European nations and the United States to understand Russian motivation and actions for the current crisis. The heads of the 27 EU nations failed to agree on a common course of action that would institute economic sanctions which led Medvedev to conclude “a reasonable realistic point of view prevailed.” Russian officials pointed the finger of creating discord at Poland, and the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia which formerly belonged to the Soviet Union.

President Sarkozy who currently heads the EU will be in Moscow this coming week and hopes to resolve issues with the Russian government but if that fails, he believes there will be necessity to “re-examine our partnership with Russia.” Sarkozy is very careful to avoid policies which will result in isolating Russia.

US and NATO ships are now in the Black Sea bringing supplies to Georgia. Prime Minister Putin claims the US is bringing in weapons for the Georgia army and expressed concern about the presence of so many ships in the Black Sea.

At present, there are exchanges of angry words, but no military action is expected in the future.

Era Of Spheres Of Influence Over, Says Sarkozy

President Sarkozy who currently heads the European Union told Russia, “we cannot go back to the age of spheres of influence. Yalta is dead.” His comment came in response to statements by President Medvedev of Russia who insists his nation now has the right to carve out a sphere of influence in areas that formerly belonged to the old Soviet Union. An emergency meeting of 27 EU leaders urged all nations to refuse accepting the incorporation of South Ossetia and Abkhazia into Russia. Sarkozy and a EU delegation will visit Moscow next week in an attempt to negotiate with Russian leaders concerning recent events with Georgia. “Relations between the EU and Russia have reached a crossroads,” said a summit statement. It went on to denounce Russia for failing to live up to cease fire agreements.

It is a time for reflection as well as action. Perhaps, the EU might reconsider its support of the Bush plan to build missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. Perhaps, it is time for NATO to invite Russia to become a member. There is need to take concrete steps that recognize legitimate concerns of the Russian government. Sarkozy says “It takes two to tango,” but that also means both sides should be cognizant of fears and anxieties of the other.

Sarkozy Confronts Angry Irish Voters

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is currently acting in the role of president of the European Union, opened talk with Irish political leaders in an attempt to resolve differences over future directions of the EU. Ireland is the only EU member constitutionally required to submit treaties to a national vote and the Irish people rejected proposed changes in the European Union. Since changes in the EU require a unanimous vote, this rejection, in effect, blocked any action by other member states. Anti-treat activists in ireland insist the Lisbon Treaty is dead and the entire process must begin from ground zero. Patricia McKenna, head of an anti-treaty pressure group called the People’s Movement, said was of the core reasons for voting “no” was “the fact that people sense a lack of democratic accountability and control of power slipping away.”

Sarkozy was doing his job as acting president of the European Union in expressing concern about the “no” vote on the part of Ireland. “What was expected of the European President,” he asked reporters, “that I should stand by lifeless?” Perhaps, the problem of the EU is the existence of a requirement that each member state must agree to every change. This is hardly a process ensuring moving forward. If nations come together in a union, there must be a process by which the majority are able to act without every single vote. If not, there will be inaction.

Sarkozy Will Attend Olympic Games

The Olympic Games began over a hundred years ago as part of an effort to foster peace and friendship among nations. Its originators (French people among them) hoped bringing together athletes from nations throughout the world would be a way to create peace in the world. Since then, during the Olympics the even has been used to glorify Nazi Germany, to challenge Russian policy in Afghanistan in 1980, and to have Israel athletes killed by Palestinian terrorists. President Sarkozy in March expressed the view he might not attend opening ceremonies in protest over China’s policies in Tibet. Yesterday, the French president made clear he would be present both to represent France and the European Union.

His change in attitude is most probably due to fear of antagonizing the powerful Chinese nation which has become an economic factor for all nations in the world. Sarkozy kept open his option to meet with the Dalai Lama in August which naturally led to Chinese threats of retaliation. Somehow, lost in all the threats and counter threats are the athletes who are there to display their talents. Let the Beijing begin.

France And Germany Fight For EU Revision

France currently holds the presidency of the European Union so Sarkozy is using this leverage in order to push forward alternative strategies in order to secure Irish agreement on revision of the EU. His efforts were torpedoed by President Kaczyinski of Poland who refused to sign onto his parliament’s agreement to EU arguing that Ireland’s “no” vote meant “for the time being the question of the treaty is pointless.” However, Sarkozy and German Chancellor Merkel are exerting pressure on both Poland and the Czech Republic to adhere to their decisions of agreeing to revisions. French President Sarkozy made it plain that failure to support revisions would doom the chances of any new nation to enter the European Union.

The European Union is at an historic moment in its history. It can move forward and truly become a Federal Union of nations which has a centralized leadership in order to become a force for peace in the world or it can turn backward towards divisiveness and impotence as a world leader.

Sarkozy Envisions New Europe

President Sarkozy is taking advantage of France being at the helm of the European Union in order to push forward his ideas for the reconstruction of the institution. He believes “there have been errors in the way that Europe was built” which must be corrected if the EU is to become a powerful force in the world. Sarkozy regards the Irish “no” vote as a step backward that must be corrected and discover a new “way of building Europe.” The French president believes there are four key issues facing the EU– energy, the environment, immigration and defense.

The United States in its formation went through a similar process of change that is confronting Europe. The initial Articles of Confederation were ineffective because there was a lack of central organization and direction which eventually was corrected with the writing of the American Constitution that created a national government. Perhaps, Europe must undertake a constitutional convention in order to free itself from the current system which makes difficult central direction of the EU.

Sarkozy Urges Israel Peace With Palestinians

President Sarkozy of France is in Israel where he urged its leadership to undertake the perilous, but much needed, pursuit of peace with Palestinians. The French leader recognized there has been too much killing and fear in the region which makes imperative ensuring that peace can be assured as soon as possible. “There is no sense in counting more dead. Now, is the time to turn the page.” Sarkozy appeared to indicate a mistake made by Israel was depending upon the United States to help it achieve peace. “It is a mistake to think anyone else can do it for you.” it must be accomplished by Israel and Palestinian leaders coming together and compromising in order to attain peace.

President Sarkozy admitted he also feared Iran’s potential as an atomic power leader, but also felt it was necessary to move forward in a cautious and united manner. The French president also made clear to Israel leaders he disagreed with their policies of continuing housing construction on the West Bank and in east Jerusalem. Although France and the EU wish a safe and secure Israel, he felt it important to also note mistakes made by Israel in pursuit of that goal.

Bush And Sarkozy Warn Iran About Trouble

The Gold Dust Twins, George Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy, once again expressed their ability to be verbally tougher than anyone else at the OK Ranch by blasting Iran and making threats of possible action. The French president said bluntly, “Iran getting a nuclear bomb is unacceptable, that’s clear. It’s an unacceptable threat for the stability of the world. His fellow tough talking friend, George Bush, added, “A nuclear armed Iran is incredibly destabilizing” and he wanted to make clear to Iran they will not be able to move along that path without something happening along the way to ensure it never occurs.

Between the two world leaders who enjoy coming across as the toughest guys on the block and an incredibly inept Iranian leadership we have all the makings of another world problem. The European Union just offered Iran an interesting plan that would allow them to pursue peaceful uses of nuclear energy, but the offer was turned down without even a serious look at the proposal. Iran is suffering the effects of being a hermit inward looking nation for thirty years. Its religious leaders have never been challenged during that time, and are unaware of the dangerous path being pursued in not seeking compromise. They refuse to recognize that Bush is capable of doing anything, and that means possible air strikes at Iran.

France Struggles With Role Of Muslims In Society

Historically, France has been home to Muslims due to its colonies in North Africa and the constant movement back and forth of commerce or students. It is not surprising that one-third of European Muslims call France their home. French Muslims can be found in virtually every occupation as well as holding important government positions. France has 1,685 mosques including the Great Mosque of Paris which was construced in 1926. Paris is home to one of the leading Islamic museums and research centers–the Arab World Institute. Despite this record of involvement within French society, a large percentage of French Muslims remain on the outside, particularly young people. The Paris riots of 2005 began when Muslim youth thought police were to blame for the death of some youngsters and the ensuing outbreak of violence sent fear through the hearts of many Frenchmen and women.

In many respects France has the possibility of engaging Muslims in more meaningful ways and within a shorter period of time than any other European society. President Sarkozy has to end his rhetoric which plays to ignorance and fear. There is need for a new birth of bonding between the French Muslim community and all other members of French society. It will only come about when the French government addresses key issues of jobs, education, housing and an end to daily examples of discrimination.

French President Sarkozy Plays Nice Nice To China

President Nicholas Sarkozy reacted to outbreaks of virulent anti-French feeling in many parts of China due to his remarks about possibly boycotting opening ceremonies of the Olympics and the angry reception accorded torch bearers in Paris, by inviting disabled Chinese torchbearer Jin Jing to visit France again “to make up for the pain you have suffered.” In his letter, which was delivered by French Senate President Christian Poncelet, Sakozy said: “I would like to express to you my shock at the way you were attacked in Paris on April 7 when you were holding the Olympic flame. You showed outstanding courage, which honors you and your country. To make up for the pain you have suffered, I sincerely invite you to France in the near future as my friend and a friend of the French people.”

There have been demonstrations in many parts of China against French business interests such as the Carrefour department chain. Sarkozy emphasized in his letter the attacks on the flame bearers “were brought about by a few people on that sad day and don’t reflect the feelings of my fellow countrymen for the Chinese people.”

French diplomats are busy placating their Chinese counterparts because business should never get in the way of things like human rights. Sarkozy understands that first things first, like making money.