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British Teachers Strike For Student Rights!!

British teacher groups decided to strike a blow in support of their students rather than adopting the American passivity in doing the right thing to support adult mistreatment of children by forcing them to take stupid tests. The National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the National Assembly of Head Teachers(NAHT) voted to boycott supervising the 11 plus test in order to send a message that a teacher’s first responsibility is for the rights and dignity of their children. In America, our President Obama in his never ceasing desire to prove there is nothing radical about his education views, continues to apply pressure for teachers to test children and, even worse, teach for the test.

Spokesmen for the NAHT emphasized “high risk tests have led to teaching for the test in the final year of primary school” and the result in dull education that has nothing to do with the lives of children. They also made clear tests like the SAT are ” a profligate waste of taxpayers’ money.”

When will American teacher groups stand up for the rights of teachers and students by urging a boycott of any such tests. Of course, they could also insist that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan take a test on how to teach children.

British Testing Fiasco-Anyone Want To Grade Them?

The United Stats and the United Kingdom love giving tests to children because of their undying belief in the power of pen and paper to reveal evidence of intelligence. There are 40,000 English teachers in secondary schools in the United Kingdom and all they have to do is grade the GCSE test taken by 600,000 students, A levels taken by 250,000, AS levels taken by 250,000 and national curriculum tests for 14 year-olds taken by 500,000. Each test involves at least two papers which leaves the 40,000 teachers with an incredible reading and grading task. Added to the already onerous situation, the American ETS company has entered the arena with its infamous SAT exam that is known to all American teenagers.

It now appears that hundreds, if not thousands of tests are being returned without any proper grading evident on the part of readers. The head of Harrison primary school in Fareham, Hampshire, says 26 of his students had their science results incorrectly recorded as not present for the exam. Other schools are also reporting similar incidents of incorrect or poorly graded exams. Many teachers in Great Britain are not impressed with the American SAT exam which they do not believe is an accurate indicator of ability.

A society that lives by the test must suffer by the test. Perhaps, it is time to return to regarding teachers as professionals.