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Saudi Girls Flee Into Hands Of Police Or Parents

ccSaudi Arabia is among the bastions of democracy and freedom in the struggle to end terrorism in the world. However, if a young girl feels herself abused at home and attempts to flee, the options are rather clear–go to a shelter and become a ward of the state or return to mom and dad and whatever the problem that led to flight. The International Muslim Organization for Women and Children which is located in Jeddah reports an ever rising number of these girls are fleeing home in search of greater freedom. According to Dr. Bahazig, “we used to receive one case a month and now are receiving more than ten a month.” The organization estimates about 3,000 Saudi girls leave home, but that may not be an accurate figure since the government does not keep records of these incidents.

If a young girl is abused and calls the police they will not respond since children are under the control of parents, not authorities. Of course, in Saudi Arabia just walking down the street unaccompanied by a male is dangerous for any girl. If the girl departs, and dad files a missing girl report, the police are obligated to return the girl home.

Such is life for the girls of Saudi Arabia. Shut your mouth and do what mom and dad demand.

India Suggests Aid Of Mediator-Shock In Pakistan!

Sashi Tharoor, minister of state for foreign affairs in India suggested that Saudi Arabia be invited to assist in talks between his nation and Pakistan. Although he never employed the words, “mediator” or “mediation” the Indian official is being blasted for daring to suggest India and Pakistan can not sit down at a table and reach some compromise agreement. Of course, they have not been able to do this in half a century, but, who knows, this year will be different? Actually, what he said was: “We feel that Saudi Arabia has along and close relationship with Pakistan that makes Saudi Arabia even more a valuable interlocutor for, when we tell them about our experience, Saudi Arabia listens as somebody who is not in any way an enemy of Pakistan, but a friend of Pakistan…”

What is the problem with having a neutral nation sit in on peace talks, particularly when it has good relations with both parties? How does that damage any peace process?

One Small Step For Female Rights In Saudi Arabia

News from Saudi Arabia indicates there just might be a slight opening in the area of women rights in the sharia dominated nation in which clerics call the shots on what women are allowed do. There is strong evidence women will shortly be allowed to appear in courts and defend women if the case involves issues of family life. Justice Minister Mohammed al Issa said legislation to allow this change is being prepared. If this happens, it will be the first time women can appear in a government function where they interact with males without having any of their own male members present. Women currently can work in social agencies defending women, but they are not allowed to do anything in which men are present.

All judges in Saudi Arabia are male. If women lawyers can defend women in court they will be arguing in front of a male. One small step for human dignity.

Dead Man In Saudi Royal’s Hotel Room

The man was lying on a bed. He was dead. Someone or something had exerted “manual compression of the neck” in order to send this man to another place outside this world. The hotel room belonged to a member of the Saudi Royal family, of course there are at least 7,000 people who fit that description. Was this a murder? Police are still investigating what happened. But, one can only wonder if the member of the Saudi royal family was a woman. Without question, there would be cries of “family honor” if a dead man was found in the room of a Saudi woman, and, most probably, demands for a few lashes or some stones thrown in her direction.

It is always fascinating how Saudi men can get away with virtually anything, even having another man in your hotel room who winds up dead. Could there have been possible sex involved in this situation? But, it is between two men and the entire matter will end here and now. We are willing to wager that the Saudi Royal individual will be headed home and not to a jail cell.

Tiger, Stay Out Of Saudi Arabia!

Although Saudi Arabia has plenty of sand and some nice golf courses we strongly recommend to Tiger Woods that he steer clear of the place. A Saudi court upheld the conviction of Mazen Abdul Jawad, who was sentenced to a five year prison term and 1,000 lashes for discussing his sexual encounters on the Lebanese Broadcasting Company’s TV program. He, along with some friends decided to let the world know they were sexually promiscuous and enjoyed a romp in the sand with girls. Unfortunately, they live in Saudi Arabia, a bastion of the free world’s fight against terrorism, but not a bastion of those who enjoy sex.

We strongly recommend to Tiger Woods that he remain in sexual isolation and avoid being seen with any Saudi girls. Who knows how far the reach of the Saudi judicial system. If Mazen got a 1,000 lashes for TALKING about sex, what in God’s name will Tiger get for DOING the sex??

Twelve Year Old Will Not Get Divorce From 80 Year Old

It is wonderful to have the 15th century nation of Saudi Arabia as a leader in the fight to secure freedom in the world. If not for the alliance with a nation that not only produces oil, but is among the world leaders in defending rights of women. A twelve year old Saudi girl has given up her petition for a divorce from an 80 year-old man who her father forced her to marry. The girl and her mother fought for the right of this young girl to be freed from sexual servitude to an old geezer. The girl unexpectedly told the court she married with full knowledge he was 80, and she was not coerced.

Dad received about $25,000 for allowing the old man to marry his daughter. The case was reported early in January and at the time the girl pleaded for help in avoiding being married. Saudi Arabia has no laws preventing young girls from being forced to marry against their will. It is tradition and who has the right to argue against tradition?

Life In The Hell That Is Saudi Arabia!

In the war against terrorism, groups like al-Qaeda or the Taliban are cited for their cruelty towards women, but rarely does the world press focus on abuses against women in the “democratic society” of Saudi Arabia. Jennifer Birell, an Australian citizen is presently trapped in Saudi Arabia and is a virtual prisoner due to the machinations of her ex-husband. In a nutshell, this is her story. Ms. Birrell, a convert to the Muslim religion, married a man from Yemen and fled from his abusive behavior in order to save her life. Somehow, he found an old phone bill and has used it to make her life a living hell. Ms. Birrell worked as director of English at Al-Yamamah University under the supervision of Mohammed Ahmed Nagi. She had to contact him almost daily concerning her work. After a while he offered to become her fuardian, or mahram, in accordance with Muslim custom.

The ex-husband produced the phone bill which noted phone calls and claimed that Nagi had been guilty of takbeeb, “destruction of the family.” Nagi was sentenced to 300 lashes and three years in jail. Ms. Birrell can not leave the country without permission of Nagi but since he is in jail she is stuck in Saudi Arabia.

OK, it is terrible to attack another religion. But, there are simply too many such cases in which the Muslim religion allows men in power to abuse women, as well as innocent men.

To Flog Or Not To Flog–That Is The Question!

America has an affinity for sending people to jail regardless of the severity of the crime or their presence as a threat to safety. Saudi Arabia has an affinity for sending people off to get a little flogging which ostensibly will reform their behavior and have them follow the right path to heaven. Saudi Arabia journalist, Rozanna al-Yami, helped organize a talk show in which a Saudi man discussed his rather extensive love life and spared few details. The program created an uproar and clerics denounced the infidels who dared to put such trash on TV. Actually, the entire program took place on Lebanon TV which meant most Saudis never had access to the program. Clerics sentenced Rozanna to sixty lashes in order to send a message to their countrymen that open sex discussions will not be allowed.

Mr. Mazen Abdul-Jawad was arrested for daring to talk openly about sex since sex is not allowed to be discussed in Saudi Arabia unless done so by clerics who spend their time any and all TV shows that might raise the topic. King Abdullah decided to cancel the 60 lashes which means, most probably, the woman will have to endure questions, meetings, discussions and God knows what other methods of verbal torture. I have a hunch she might prefer the 60 lashes.

Horror! Boys And Girls Together In Classrooms!

Saudi Arabia’sKing Abdullah is attempting a revolutionary attempt in his nation by creating a modern post graduation high tech university which would allow male and female students to study together and even engage in an intellectual debate. Horror of horrors, according to some senior Saudi clerics. In a rare move, the King issued a royal decree that removed Sheikh Saad Nasseer al-Shithri from the senior council of religious scholars for opposing his plans. The Sheikh was infuriated because, ‘we are looking at some of the sciences that have included some irregular alien ideologies, like evolution and other such ideologies.” He wanted clerics to check into these alien ideas.

King Abdullah understands that his nation can not forever depend on oil. It must enter the 21st century and engage their youth with modern scientific ideas and this must be accomplished both by males and females. Students who study together learn together.

A Great Hustle For Women!

A Saudi woman has developed a wonderful scam which might interest women throughout the world. The woman posed as being single and agreed with several men to have a “Misyar” marriage.A Misyar marriage is a contract where couples can live separately but get together regularly– I assume to have some fun. This form of marriage allows the man to avoid paying the cost of an expensive wedding and providing a home. The woman went through all arrangements, got her dowry, and suddenly the man could find no trace of her existence. The woman was finally discovered by her aged husband who finally figured out why his wife went away on business trips.

This might be an interesting arrangement for husbands and wives who really can’t stand one another but might enjoy a night of sexual delight. After all, familiarity breeds contempt.