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FLASH! No Sex Foreplay In Saudi Arabia

We regret to inform the people of Saudi Arabia that their government has closed down the Jeddah office of a Lebanon-based television after it aired an interview with a Saudi man who discussed his sexual escapades. Mazan Abdul-Janwad, 32, was arrested last month in the Red Sea city of Jedah after he went public with stories about how he enjoyed sex and was able to please women who had the good fortune to physically interact with the big man. The divorced father of four spoke from his bedroom in Jeddah and discussed various techniques of foreplay to make the sexual experience an enjoyable one for both partners.

The good news for Saudis is they had an opportunity to listen to descriptions of how to enjoy sex in the bedroom. The bad news is the speaker did not provide visual instruction about how to fool around before really plunging into some sex. For those who do not live in Saudi Arabia, are we to infer no one in Saudi Arabia engages in foreplay but just gets to it?

Perhaps, the crackdown on Mr. Jawad explains why Saudi women are not allowed in the driver’s seat?

Middle East Stubborness Pays Off In Nothing

The Netanyahu approach to peace in the Middle East is maintain the status quo because that ensures there will be no movement in the process of peace. Arab nations are awaiting some action on the part of Israel that heralds a new open approach to peace. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal indicated his nation was tired of delays and obstructions such as continued construction of settlements on the West Bank. “What is required as a comprehensive approach that defines the final outcome at the outset and launches into negotiations over final status issues.” Arab nations are under pressure from President Obama to make a dramatic move to display their desire for peace with Israel.

Saudi leaders argue Israel has displayed continual refusal to deal with the West Bank settlement issue and it is up to the Netanyahu government to make clear his nation is committed to recognize an independent Palestinian nation and to make major withdrawals from the West Bank. They point out Israel will not even respond to American requests to halt further West Bank construction.

If only Israel had a leader with vision other than placating West Bank fundamentalists. The dilemma for the moment is in which corner is the ball of peace?

Saudi Princess Seeks UK Asylum Over Adultery Issue

Once upon a time a beautiful young princess met a nice man, they fell in love, had sex, and she had to return to the home of her husband. Her elderly hubby began to suspect foul play so the beautiful princess fled, not to a forest where she could find safety in the arms of a woodsman, but to the island of Great Britain. The UK has granted a Saudi Arabian princess asylum because if she returns home the prospect of being stoned or flogged to death or being subject of an “honor killing” are her most likely fate. It appears this is not the first case of asylum being given Saudi women who were indiscreet in their social lives. The British government keeps all such requests secret to avoid antagonizing the corrupt Saudi Arabian government which has oil.

A nation with abundant resources of oil does not have to enjoy bountiful supply of ethical behavior and respect for human decency. Last week in Saudi Arabia, our ally in the fight against terrorism, two sisters endured “honor killings” for the horrible crime of being seen in the company of two men. For those of us not members of the Muslim religion, it is unfortunate that so much of what we hear concerning this religion consists of killings, people being stoned and beheadings. It would be wonderful to come across stories of a women who was seen walking with a strange man is given a reward for being honest about her feelings and her two idiot brothers who wanted to kill her are sent to jail for an indefinite length of time.

Clerics Lost Face In Iran, Clerics Show Face In Saudi Arabia

Clerics in Iran increasingly are losing the support of younger Iranians and it is not surprising that Saudi Arabian clerics continue issuing edicts whose goal is simple — make those in charge of the Muslim religion display their ignorance and middle age mentality. Saudi Arabia’s only film festival has been cancelled due to an order issued by the Interior Ministry. People in Saudi Arabia for over three decades were forbidden to attend a movie theater for the simple reason theaters were no allowed to show films. For some reason, in 2006, Saudi Arabian actors, directors and producers were allowed to organize a film festival in order to demonstrate their film making talents. But, yesterday, officials who govern morality clamped down and cancelled this year’s film festival. No doubt, the guardians of purity were shocked at reports that women and men were in the dame film theater and watching the film without benefit of a veil on the screen.

Isn’t it wonderful that the United States is allied with such staunch defenders of human rights as Saudi Arabia? I guess when clerical idiots on our side exert their ignorance, it is in the name of democracy.

Terrorist Attack In Saudi Arabia!!

A massive terrorist attack struck the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, but no bombs were thrown or guns fired except for the weapon of laughter. For the first time in decades there was a public showing of a film. Police had to hold back a band of determined conservative clerics who warned allowing this film to be shown would unleash the anger of God leading to earthquakes and other unknown disasters. In order to lessen the threat to the security of the nation, a male only crowd of about 300 sat in the massive theater of the King Fahd Cultural Center where they enjoyed such delicacies as popcorn and soda. Naturally, no women could be allowed into the theater which showed, “Menahi,” a film about a country bumbkin who winds up in the big city.

A young student heralded the comedy as the “beginning of change” while a businessman said “I don’t want my son to grow up in the dark.” Of course if his son goes to the movies, he will be in the dark, and God forbid, he winds up sitting in the same row as a young girl!! Is this comedy the beginning of a revolution?

Off With The Head In Saudi Arabia!

A Canadian citizen is being held in Saudi Arabia and will most probably lose his head in the coming days despite his claim a confession produced in court was the result of torture. Obviously, anyone outside of Saudi Arabia can not state if Mohamed Kohail is innocent or guilty since the event occurred in Saudi Arabia and access to a fair trial is certainly not among the most notable examples of the due process in that nation. Mr. Kohail and a Jordanian friend were convicted of murder after a fight broke out between the two men and some teenagers. The two insisted they were defending themselves, but the confession that was produced in court was the main evidence to prove their guilt. Dan McTeague, a Canadian MP, has been investigating the case and believes the men are innocent. He is also upset the Canadian government has made no effort to conduct its own investigation even though one of its citizens may soon be without his head.

Yes, Saudi Arabia is among the defenders of “democracy” against Muslim extremists. The problem is when it comes to justice, no terrorist in the world can match the terrorism of the Saudi Arabian government. Beyond, off with the head and give them a 100 lashes, what exactly is the major legal concept the Saudis offer the world?

Muslim Moderates Target Of Taliban

As the conflict in Pakistan witnesses more intense conflict between the Pakistan army and the Taliban, an increasing number of Muslims are recognizing the struggle in their nation entails a fight between Muslim extremists and those of the more moderate people who follow the precepts of Sufism. Ironically, extremists have for years been supported by Saudi Arabia whose government is founded on extremism and conservatism. During the 1980s, the United States in its effort to end the rule of communism in Afghanistan supported extremists from Saudi Arabia and Yemen who came to fight against the Soviets.

The Sufi moderate Islamic religion which generally is the main form of religion in Pakistan has become painfully aware of what lays in store for their nation if the conservative Saudi Arabian influenced Taliban gains power. The United States continues to urge Pakistan to deal with the Taliban but no effort is made to compel Saudi Arabia to curb its support for extremists in madrassas who impose hate and violence against moderates and western institutions.

OK To Slap Wife Says Saudi Judge!

At a recent conference called to discuss the issue of domestic violence, a Saudi Arabian judge told the startled audience that it was appropriate for a husband to slap his wife if she was guilty of lavish spending. Judge Hamad al-Razine cited the example of over-spending to buy a ahigh-end abaya, the head-to-toe black shroud Saudi women have to wear in public as justifying a good smack in the face for a women who was so negligent in dealing with household finances. “If a person gives q200 riyals(US $320) to his wife and she spends 900 riyals to purchase an abaya from a brand shop, and if her husband slaps her on the face as a reaction to her action, she deserves that punishment.”

His comments aroused a fury of reaction not only from government activists working in the area of domestic violence, but from women in the audience who thought they were attending a conference that dealt with issues pertaining to their rights. As far as the judge is concerned, “Nobody puts even a fraction of the blame on them(women).”

I wonder what the judge would say if a woman slapped a husband in the face for lavish spending on a dinner with the guys or a new car.

What’s In A Name- Gulf Or Persian Gulf?

There is no end to the issues that divide people and nations in the Middle East, or, to be honest that divide people on planet Earth. For thousands of years, Iran has viewed the gulf which holds the key to its naval outreach as belonging to them so it was assumed the world would call this body of water, the “Persian Gulf.” Iran announced its withdrawal from the Islamic Gams scheduled for this fall because other Arab nations wanted to call the body of water, the “Gulf.” Saudi Arabia has led the drive to drop “Persian” and leave the other word in place.

Iran already has spent nearly $15 million preparing for the games, but according to the powerful speaker of the Iranian parliament, Ali Larijani, the proposed name change risked harming relations in the region and Iran had to defend its sovereignty and dignity as a nation.

It is conflicts on planet Earth of such magnitude that ensure no aliens will ever visit this planet.

Let’s Get Fat Saudi Women Program!

A group of Saudi women have organized a “Let Her Get Fat movement in protest against the refusal of their government to allow females to have access to gyms or health clubs where they can exercise. Presently there are illegal clubs which allow Saudi women to exercise and get into physical shape, but the law only allows males to have such clubs. Saudi Arabia’s austere brand of Wahhabi Islam forbids the mixing of unrelated members of the opposite sex which means women can not attend male health clubs. The sport group which handles gyms has been unable to get anyone in the government to sanction female only clubs.

Leading Saudi clerics have condemned the gyms and clubs as “shamelessness” and warned that women attending them would be tempted to leave their homes and neglect their husbands and children. If this is the result of going to a gym, does it mean Saudi men who exercise neglect their wives and children?