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Saudi Police Smash Vice Ring To Save Democracy!

America and the world’s democracies are very fortunate to have an ally such as Saudi Arabia whose forces are ever on guard to protect the people of that happy land from having to encounter such evil events as men and women walking and talking together. Yesterday, members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Hay) smashed a ring of sex mad men and women who were attending a fair organized by British universities to help Saudi youth select a college. The police entered college grounds posing as representatives of a government body and made women leave the premises to avoid having them come into contact with the body of an evil man– male relatives, by definition, are not evil.

Not only were Saudi women made to leave but so were British women. The British women were serving as representatives of the 25 colleges which advertised their institutions since it made common sense to have women serve Saudi women. But, in the glorious democracy of Saudi Arabia even having women serve women is illegal if a man is within seeing distance.

Is the fact Saudi Arabia has oil the reason the world puts up with their nonsense?

When In Saudi Arabia-Just Shut Up About Work Issues!

Saudi Arabia imports workers from throughout the world to handle the tasks of everyday living and those dirty jobs that Saudi citizens avoid. A group of 23 Chinese immigrants decided to go on strike over low wages, an act that is normal in most societies which respect human rights. But, in Saudi Arabia to dare challenging those who wield power is akin to being a revolutionary. The men were working at an industrial site when they told the boss of their desire for higher pay. Within a few hours, some strange men arrived, arrested the Chinese workers, and took them away to a place where they could not initially contact family members.

Little did the Chinese workers know that going on strike is an illegal act in the nation of Saudi Arabia. The Chinese embassy attempted to intercede, but the men were already being prepared for a voyage back to China. To live in Saudi Arabia is to be entrapped in a religious dominated society in which those possessing power do not relax any, particularly when issues of individual rights are concerned.

Saudi Clerics Urge Robbing The Cradle For Brides

Saudi Arabia’s most senior cleric said it was permissible to 10 year-old girls to marry and those who oppose the notion of such marriages seek to do an injustice by preventing a young girl from marrying a nice man in his forties or fifties. Sheik Abdul-Aziz Sheikh, the nation’s grand mufti, argued those who do not wish women to marry before the age 25 are following a “bad path” and denying them the right to get married. His comments came as Saudi Human Rights groups were attempting to secure new legislation that would establish minimum age requirements before a girl could get married.

The mufti is upset at such human rights groups. “a female who is 10 or 12 is marriageable and those who think she’s too young are wrong and are being unfair to her.” The assumption of the grand mufti is that mothers and fathers have an absolute right to decide when and to whom their daughters will marry. This is not an unusual idea since it was quite common in many societies five or six hundred years ago. The mufti is certainly on the cutting edge of 15th century thinking.

Key Saudi Arabian Issue -Can Women Travel Alone?

There are numerous issues and conflicts in the Middle East, but in Saudi Arabia key leaders believe what must be addressed are important issues such as whether or not a woman can travel without a male escort. Sheikh Al-Obaikan said his research indicated Muslim women can travel without a male escort if she feels secure. The research has sparked a new interest in the Shoura (Consultative Council) to investigate the possibility of women traveling without a male family escort-mahram. Aziza Mansour, a businesswoman who owns her own company, has to ask permission of her brother-in-law in order to travel because her husband is dead. “The existing regulations on women’s travel make my business trips difficult and it delays several of my business deals.”

Dr. Ahmad Al-Sheaibi of King Saud University argues the problem can be overcome by ensuring if a woman is on a plane she is not seated next to a man! If the woman is being served by a male airline attendant, can she touch his hand when he hands her the peanuts? The argument of many multiculturalists is the need to “respect” other cultures, but this is a blatant example of discrimination against women who are trying to function in a modern global economy.

Saudi 8 Year Old Married To 58 Year Old

Saudi Arabia is often touted by President Bush as a stalwart ally of the United States in its fight to protect and extend democracy in the world. Saudi leaders are cited as being “good Muslims” unlike the barbaric Taliban or al-Qaeda. An eight year old Saudi Arabian girl was married off by her father to a 58 year-old man in order to spite his ex-wife. A petition was filed by the unmarried mother after the marriage contract had been signed by her ex-husband, but the court denied her request. According to her lawyer, Abdullah Jtili, “the judge has dismissed the plea because she (the mother) does not have the right to file, and ordered that the plea sold be filed by the girl herself when she reaches puberty.” The little girl has no idea that she is now a married woman. The case appears to fit a pattern in which divorced fathers use their children to get back at the ex-wife.

Perhaps, one of our Saudi Arabian allies in the fight for democracy might try a bit of democracy in his own country.

Saudi Arabia Bans Human Rights Activist Travel

The government of Saudi Arabia is part of the American led coalition against terrorism. According to President Bush, the United States and its allies are committed to freedom and represent those who oppose tyranny. The president, apparently, is not that well informed about his close friends in Saudi Arabia who are committed to one goal–maintaining power and throttling anyone who opposes their dictatorial rule. The Saudi government announced it would not allow Abdul-Rahman Al-Lahem to travel to New York where he is to be honored with a Human Rights award for his fight to defend human rights in his nation. He has led the fight to defend Saudi citizens against arbitrary and unjust laws and actions.

Mr. Al-Lahem made it clear to Saudi authorities he will continue his struggle against their refusal to acknowledge that individuals were entitled to basic human rights. Last year, he challenged authorities over the notorious case of the “Girl From Qatif” who was sentenced to seven months in prison for being alone in a car who was not her husband or a male relative. She was attacked by two men who raped her.

Saudi Arabia has more in common with Muslim fundamentalists than in opposition.

Are Girls Always Safe In Saudi Society

Several years ago in Saudi Arabia a fire at a girls’ school resulted in several deaths due to inability of responding to the fire call because of gates that protected the school against male intrusion. Principals of girls’ schools in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia have been instructed to contact the Civil Defense in order to voice concerns over safety violations in school buildings. Lt. Hamad Al-Juaid, chief of Civil Defense admitted there were many safety loopholes in those schools, but blamed the Girls’ Education Department which refused to allow his men into the schools to deal with violations.

The Civil Defense made clear girls’ schools are vulnerable to fire which could resist in the loss of life of many girls, but the Education Department will not allow his agency to act. “They turned their backs on our recommendations to remove steel fences from emergency exists and gates” which he insisted would hurt rescue efforts.

One can only wonder how the Saudi government can remain so blind to dangers facing girls who are attending school. What will it take, another tragedy?

Egypt Seeks Palestinian Unity

The Egyptian government called on rival Palestinian factions to unite in order to further the needs of Palestinians for a government. It believes there is need to rebuild security forces and come together as a cohesive force in dealing with the Israel government. There apparently may be a new opening that will assist a united Palestinian government since the Israel government is finally considering the 2002 Saudi Arabian proposal for peace on the basis of restoring 1967 boundaries. The Egyptian proposal calls for the immediate establishment of a Palestinian unity government.

The Egyptians are asking both sides to agree that whatever agreement is reached between Abbas and the Israel government should be accepted by Hamas. At this point, any agreement reached in the coming months would most probably be based on the Saudi proposal, one that is supported by President Abbas. Now, is time for Hamas to accept the reality of Israel as a state and work with other Arab nations to finally achieve peace in the Middle East.

Is Israel Finally Facing Reality?

Prime Minister Olmert of Israel as he quietly departs from his position in leadership finally has become the first Israel leader in years to speak the truth about what must be done in order to achieve peace with Arab nations. Israel leaders are seriously considering a Saudi Arabia proposal which entails the abandonment of land Israel took in the 1967 war in exchange for peace. Defense minister Ehud Barak said he had discussed the land-for-peace proposal with Tzipi Livni who will become the new prime minister. Saudi Arabia first made this proposal in 2002 and it was accepted by the 27 member Arab League.

Barak indicated his interest in the proposal by saying, “there is definitely room to introduce a comprehensive Israel plan to counter the Saudi plan that would be the basis for a discussion on overall regional peace.” Most probably a sticking point for an agreement will be Israel desire to maintain control of pieces of the West Bank which currently are home to right wing conservative Israelis.

Pakistan Government Divided Over War On Terrorism

The political leadership of Pakistan is sharply divided over how to proceed in the war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda. A special session of parliament which was called to discuss terrorism has resulted in angry cries from some members to end the alliance with the United States and seek to form a new coalition with Taliban forces. The religious Jamiat I-Islam party demanded that Taliban leaders be allowed to address parliament since members of Pakistan’s armed forces had given a presentation. There are numerous reports that Pakistan is so divided over how to conduct relations with Islamic militants that it might result in the collapse of the government.

The Pakistan economy is witnessing a soaring inflation rate and lack of funding for education is forcing many poor people to send their children to the Islamic fundamentalist madrassa schools which in many cases support the Taliban or al-Qaeda.

The only good news comes from some tribes in the northwest region which have grown angry at al-Qaeda and are organizing to fight it. However, recent stories from Saudi and British sources concerning discussions between Afghanistan and Taliban leaders have infuriated Pakistanis. They have continually been told by the United States they should avoid having relations with the Taliban, but Saudi Arabia is hosting such talks.