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Saudi Princess Seeks UK Asylum Over Adultery Issue

Once upon a time a beautiful young princess met a nice man, they fell in love, had sex, and she had to return to the home of her husband. Her elderly hubby began to suspect foul play so the beautiful princess fled, not to a forest where she could find safety in the arms of a woodsman, but to the island of Great Britain. The UK has granted a Saudi Arabian princess asylum because if she returns home the prospect of being stoned or flogged to death or being subject of an “honor killing” are her most likely fate. It appears this is not the first case of asylum being given Saudi women who were indiscreet in their social lives. The British government keeps all such requests secret to avoid antagonizing the corrupt Saudi Arabian government which has oil.

A nation with abundant resources of oil does not have to enjoy bountiful supply of ethical behavior and respect for human decency. Last week in Saudi Arabia, our ally in the fight against terrorism, two sisters endured “honor killings” for the horrible crime of being seen in the company of two men. For those of us not members of the Muslim religion, it is unfortunate that so much of what we hear concerning this religion consists of killings, people being stoned and beheadings. It would be wonderful to come across stories of a women who was seen walking with a strange man is given a reward for being honest about her feelings and her two idiot brothers who wanted to kill her are sent to jail for an indefinite length of time.