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Heroin Sales Rise In Europe As Smuggling Rises

Two years ago, the European Union created the Schengen Zone which allows goods to enter nations without having to be bothered by border checks. The idea was to create a free flowing distribution of goods throughout the EU, but there have been some unforseen results as the policy– a dramatic growth in heroin. A major point of entry for Afghan heroin is the Czech Republic, which in itself has never been a good market for the sale of heroin, but its position allows for easy distribution throughout the region. Police are now capturing young men from eastern Europe who use airplanes in order to bring in the heroin although a preferred route is by car since the Schengen Zone prevents searching cars unless there is reasonable suspicion of crime. Pavel Drobek of the Czech Republic Customs office, claims, “The Czech Republic now serves as a transit country for heroin. He says custom officials are surprised “they do it in such an obvious way.”

It is time for the European Union and the world to re-evaluate the entire approach toward drugs of making it a criminal product. Perhaps, a new approach which creates a process of making drugs legal will end the presence of drug lords and bribery and crime. We need new solutions for drugs in the 21st century.