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Each year we award the accolade of being a grand Schmuck to those who performed as idiots during 2009.

The Republican Party in Congress deserves a double Schmuck for its inability to offer a single constructive idea and being frozen in a “no” response to any suggestion for compromise.

Tiger Woods gets his Schmuck for believing a man can maintain 14 mistresses at one time without anyone learning who he sleeps with at night other than his wife.

Sarah Palin gets the Female Schmuck for being Sarah Palin.

Ayatollah Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad get a joint Schmuck for brutality towards their own people. It is one thing to brutalize enemies, but beating and killing those within your country who love Iran is beyond the pale.

New York Daily News editorial of December 30,2009 gets a Schmuck for berating President Obama for not speaking out earlier about the airline bomber. He waited an ENTIRE TWO DAYS before uttering inane rhetoric about getting those responsible.

Rush Limbaugh gets a Schmuck for having an eight guinea pig power brain.

Lou Dobbs gets his Schmuck for expressing constant partisan views while claiming to be an “independent” minded person.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair gets a Schmuck for still lying about the decision for war in Iraq.

President Nicholas Sarkozy gets a Schmuck for bombastic comments designed to stir anger against Muslims even though they are French citizens.

The Democratic Party gets a Schmuck for displaying the backbone of a chocolate eclair while developing a health care plan which will undoubtedly benefit health insurance companies.

George Clooney gets an honorary Schmuck for appearing in a film about goats.

Barack Obama gets a Schmuck for vacationing in Hawaii when he should have been at the airport in the Netherlands checking for bombers.

President Karzai of Afghanistan gets a double Schmuck for endangering the lives of Afghans and American soldiers while protecting drug lords and corrupt officials.

Robert Mugabe gets the exalted Schmuck of the year award for his incompetent brutal leadership of Zimbabwe. Who else could get an inflation rate of 2,000,000%?

Thabo Mbeki, former president of South Africa for urging people to wash themselves rather than taking drugs to combat HIV.

The entire Chinese Communist government desires a triple Schmuck for refusing to allow people freedom.