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Indonesia Passes Education Laws But Kids Don’t Go

Despite compulsory education laws in Indonesia, latest figures indictae a high percentge of children still are not attending schools, particularly at the secondary level in many parts of the nation. In a recent survey of the country’s 440 regencies and municipalities, almsot half of children between the ages of 13 and 15 were being denied the benefits of a secondary education. Poverty is an important factor but attitudes of parents regarding further education also play a role in fostering non-attendance at schools. Unfortunately, while Indonesia passes laws compelling children to be in school, they do not provide free education, let alone free textbooks and materials for those going.

So many nations which suffer from poverty are unable to provide funding for poor children to attend school. One is left to wonder how nations of the world will spend trillions on the military and be unable to spend a few billion to further the well-being of children.