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Danish Version Of States Rights On Integration!

In a scene invoking memories of school boycotts by American parents in urban areas, the city of Copenhagen will shortly encounter its own version of parental opposition to integration of children. Up to this point in time, Danish parents have the right of free choice in deciding where their children attend school. However, the City Council of Copenhagen is poised to change the situation by compelling children to attend schools to which they are assigned. Jan Andrason, of the city’s Children and Youth Committee, said “If we’re going to have a real community school then everyone in the local districts should be represented. Integration will only succeed if parents don’t flee from their local schools.”

Many Danish parents do not want their children attending schools in which there are many Muslim students. Thomas Petersen, of the parent organization, School and Society, emphasized: “We already have a very large number of parents applying to send their kids to private schhools and I think this proposal would just make the situation even worse.” The final decision will be made by the Education Ministry of Denmark. Hopefully, the end result will not be similar to what has happened in all too many American urban school systems.