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Nativist Australian Bigots Oppose Muslim School

A large Islamic school was planned for a rural area outside of Sydney, but it has come into opposition from nativist residents who simply do not want Muslims in their area of the nation. The proposed primary and secondary school is designed to house about 600 Muslim students but neighbors are adamant they do not want the building. An online forum, www.australianidentity.net, open declares that “views, ideas and contributions that are hostile to (an Anglo-Celtic-European-white heritage) are not permitted on it received several postings about the proposed school. Darrin Hodges, of the Australian Protectionist Party, made clear “I will oppose mosques, sex-shops and any developments that undermine Australia’s traditional and family values.”

Ali Roude of the Islamic Council, points out there have been other schools that were built in the area without any parent opposition, and “it would appear that the real concerns and oppositions from locals has little to do with the merit of the project but more to do with general anti-Muslim sentiments.” Bigotry always uncovers a way to deny to minorities what is readily provided for those in the majority. It is the story of humankind.