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Ah, it is that time of the year in Australia when students are going off on sprees to display their intelligence of joy of living. It is Schoolies Week at the beach and one and all came come with scantily clad clothes, a good supply of alcohol and drugs galore to cavort with fellow students and display the virtues of having a liberal education. Oh, the police on Saturday night arrested about 30 schoolies for being drunk, but so far there are no reports of rape and murder and for that, one must be thankful. Police attribute their success in preventing the more serious crimes to a policy of zero tolerance. As one police official noted: “I’m pleased to say no serious assaults were reported, no sexual assaults and no robberies.” Wow, isn’t it great no one got killed while engaged in drunken outbursts of fun and mayhem!

The good news for those who were arrested is that the most common drug found was cannabis. UP with the cannabis and down with the coke is the best slogan one can have at such times of fun and education.