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Great Turkey Monkey Dispute!

We are living in the 21st century, but to some scholars in Turkey the theory of evolution is just that– some silly theory that is propogated by people in the West in order to prove they know more than people in Turkey. The nation’s top science agency pulled its own magazine cover because it featured a story about Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution. Huseyin Celik, education minister, said, “evolutionary theory overlaps with atheism, creationism, with religious belief. Given that polls show only 1 percent of Turks are atheists, not teaching creationism claims in biology classes would be tantamount to censorship.”

Dr. Cigdem Atakuman, editor in chief was fired because of her opposition to pulling the cover. In reality, polls indicate barely one fourth of Turks believe in anything akin to evolution, which, in itself is not shocking, given how many Americans want creationism taught in public schools. The damage to Turkey’s image arose from having a prestigious institution caught in this embarrassing mess of trying to deny a scientific concept.