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Court Rules Scientology Legal

There is joy in many part of Hollywood and, most probably, Tom Cruise is jumping for joy on his couch at the news from the European Court of Human Rights that Russia can not ban the Church of Scientology from pushing its wares that it claims are based on religious principles. The Russian Scientology church originally had tried to get local courts to end the ban on their activities, but were unsuccessful. The European Court ruled Russian law that said “religious organizations” that had not been in existence for at least 15 years could not be listed as a religious organization. Scientology had not been in Russia long enough to qualify under that law.

The European Court decision makes sense. Why not allow people to decide whether an organization is a legal religious one or not. After all, according to Russian law if Jesus showed up tomorrow and claimed Christianity was not his religion and wanted to start a new one, it would be illegal.

Scientology Faces World Wide Protests

A few hundred protestors will descend on Toronto and a few dozen other cities in order to express their anger at the Church of Scientology. the movement is either an adolescent Internet prank or the real feelings of thousands of young people against a church which has come under fire from many sectors due to its religious beliefs. the cybe activists are being told, “Bring your warm clothes..Do not bring your weapons, or your stupid rowdy troublemaqking ass.”Anons, a network of peaceful opponents of the Chruch of Scientology has arranged these protests to occur in several cities. Many were sparked by the Tom Cruise video in which the movie star goes on about how Scientology represents “the authorities on getting people off drugs” and rehabilitating criminals. Mark Bunker, a TV journalist who was critical of the Scientology movement, urged peaceful protest. He was subject to Scientology demonstrators picketing his home and holding up sighs, “Mark Bunker is a religious bigot” because of his critical remarks.

The Church o Scientology makes no sense, it is merely a mishmash of weird ideas related to aliens. For some reason, it attracts celebrities.