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South African Hysteria Over Aids

South African supporters of Jacob Zuma who is the candidate of the African National Congress for president are claiming their leader has been unjustly accused of corruption by the Scorpions. The Scorpions, which is a special crime fighting unit of the Souther African police, has played a prominent role in uncovering evidence against Zuma about corruption and bribery on his part. Zuma supporters claim the CIA and the British MI5 have worked with the Scorpions to spread AIds in Africa. They want to know why the Scorpions have not investigated the origin of Aids in Africa and should focus on topics like that instead of picking on poor Jacob Zuma.

The South African Democratic Alliance believes the Scorpions are vitally needed because of their success in crushing organized crime. The Eastern Cape Democratic Alliance believes “given the high levels of organized crime and corruption” it is vital to have the Scorpions.

It is unfortunate that some South African leaders are caught up in the fancy the origin of Aids is somehow connected to the CIA.