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Yes, There Is Racism In Scotland Yard

During the past several months the Black Police Association in Scotland Yard has implemented a boycott in which it refuses to cooperate with leaders of the Yard in recruiting minorities. Finally, deputy commissioner Tim Godwin, vowed to “address issues of race and discrimination in the organization.” Scotland Yard leadership also privately admitted part of the reason ethnic minority officers are less likely to get promoted and more likely to be disciplined. The argument broke out in September, 2008 when Tarique Ghaffur, third in charge of the Metropolitan police, and the most senior ethnic minority on the force, was suspended after calling his boss, Sir Ian Blair, a racist and suing the force for discrimination. The BPA responded to this blatant discrimination by urging minority Britons not to join the force.

In his letter to the BPA, Godwin, said, “I want to ensure that the concerns you have raised about the disproportionality in our discipline processes and in the progression of staff through the organization are effectively addressed.” This is an example of an organization willing to face the music of discrimination which is always step one in ending such occurrences.

Scotland Yard Accused Of Waterboarding

The legacy of George Bush and his group of inept followers like Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney continues to leave in its wake the horror of abuse of prisoners. America exports many products, but the export of how to waterboard a suspect is certainly not listed in the stock exchange. Charges have been raised about a recent incident in which Scotland Yard officers arrested five suspects and decided to allow them an opportunity to enjoy the benefit of having their faces washed by shoving them into pails of water. Scotland Yard refuses to respond to inquiries about this incident except to state there is an investigation and if anyone is found guilty they will be punished.

Just about every expert on the subject of interrogation of prisoners believes torture is an ineffective method of securing information. But, the Bush legacy lives on in many parts of the world.

Scotland Yard Can’t Contain Race Discrimination Claims

Scotland Yard is facing a serious situation as charges of discrimination continue to erupt from Black and Muslim police who are upset at recent decisions of leadership to bring charges against minority officers. Race relations hit a new low when the Metropolitan Branch of the National Black Police Association (NBPA) said it had lost all confidence in leadership of Britain’s largest police force and described the decision to suspend Commander Ali Dizael from duty is the culmination of a “sustained witch hunt.” Mr. Dizael who is head of NBPA is facing three separate investigations into allegations concerning his conduct, including a claim he fabricated evidence. Sources close to the Iranian born officer say he strongly denied any wrongdoing and is expected to be vindicated.

The move to suspend Mr. Dizael was the latest in a series of charges brought against Asian members of Scotland Yard. Tarique Ghaffur, who held the number three position in Scotland Yard was suspended for claiming there was discrimination in the police force.

Perhaps, it is all a coincidence that two prominent members of Scotland Yard who happen to be of Asian background are now suspended. But, it does raise questions.

Scotland Yard Officer Claims Prejudice-Suspended!

Scotland Yard announced that a senior police officer who has made public statements concerning acts of prejudice against him has been suspended. Tarique Ghaffur has been placed on “authorized leave” because of fears his statement about prejudice were affecting the “operational effectiveness” of the force according to Commissioner Ian Blair. Mr. Blair insisted the suspension had nothing to do with the merits of the case now being reviewed, but argued Mr. Ghaffur’s “personal conduct” and his “media campaign” were impacting the entire police force and its ability to conduct operations. Blair made the rather strange comment that the behavior of a police officer who was concerned about prejudice was “having a negative impact on the London 2012 security programme and risks undermining confidence in it.” Huh?

The head of a police force should be concerned with morale, but to use a case of possible discrimination and somehow link it to the 2012 Olympics is rather a stretch. Alfred John, chairman of the Metropolitan Black Police Association said Mr. Ghaffur was being ?victimized” by Blair. “The message that this send to black and minority officers and staff is clear -exercise your right to challenge unfairness and discrimination at your own peril. It would be interesting if Mr. Blair would reveal the number of officers who have been placed on “leave” because they brought charges against any aspect of the police department.

Mr. Blair insists he still wants to resolve the complaint using a mediation process, but suspending someone who makes a complaint is hardly the way to achieve a mediated solution to a conflict. Last month, Mr. Ghaffur held a press conference to detail allegations of race, religious and age discrimination that have been made against the police force. He was told by the deputy police commissioner to “shut up.”

Perhaps, Mr. Blair could try another approach — expedite the entire process and get the hearing and resolution in a shorter time period.

Did British Muslim MP Get Bugged?

British Justice Secretary Jack Straw will make a statement about claims that a senior Muslim MP was bugged by police while meeting with a constitutent in prison. Conservatives want to know what the Brown government knew about Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorism unit. The police allegedly listened into a private conversation between Sadiq Khan, a Labor whip, and Babar Ahmad, who is facing extrdition to the United States for trial over supposedly running a website to raise funds for Chechen separatists and Afghanistan’s Taliban. Ahmad is a childhood friend of the MP.

The director of Liberty, a human rights group, said there could only be a case for bugging if the Labor MP was a suspect in a criminal case. Khan said: “I’m pleased Jack Straw, as soon as he heard about these allegations, has ordered an inquiry… the implications are quite serious.” This is merely another example of how fear of “terrorists” has clouded our basic rights for free speech and the right to privacy.