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Aussie School Explains Student Anti-Semitism

School officials at the Scots College in Sydney, Australia, had a sigh of relief when it was discovered their students did not use school computers in order to present anti-semitic material on Facebook. Not only was the school innocent, but they pointed out there are scores of web sites on social networking sites with comments such as “Aussie Pride! Love it or GET THE F— OUT!” Scots College Principal Ian Lambert blamed TV programs like South Park for encouraging young people to be sarcastic and make derogatory remarks about groups of people. He proudly boasted, “We cannot substantiate any activity by current or former students in relation to this matter.” However, he will meet with students charged with posting the anti-semitic material to discuss possible punishment like not being allowed to have membership in their Old Boys Union.

It should make school officials happy their computers were not used in sending out insulting comments about Jews. The severe punishment of not being able to belong to the Old Boys Union undoubtedly is equivalent to sending these poor boys to prison. I gather this means no more drunken orgies or hanging around the place making anti-semitic remarks. Oops, I forgot, the remarks are made away from school grounds which means the school has no responsibility.