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Is Scott McClellan Guilty Of Disloyalty?


Scott McClellan, former press secretary of President Bush is now being bashed by the right wing press for disloyalty because he revealed his thoughts and experiences serving in an administration that lied to the American people. Is one disloyal for bashing a former employer? Scott McClellan was a member of the government of the United States of America, not a men’s club in which what happens in the locker room should be kept secret. He was privy to important information about the his nation and thus was honor bound to reveal what he had learned being in that position. An individual who enters the armed forces of the United States of America takes a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution and place its interests before any others, including orders from his superiors. We believe a similar obligation must be upheld by any member of the United
States government.

It is ironic the Rush Limbaughs or New York Post reporters who wallowed in the slime and fillth associated with the Bill Clinton impeachment have now become supporters of silence. Have we forgotten demands that every single piece of evidence connected with actions of President Clinton had to be revealed? However, now the clone of silence is demanded and McClellan is being crucified for daring to reveal what happened in a corrupt and lying administration that betrayed the American people. No member of the American government owes “loyalty” to those who betray the Constitution and the people of this nation.

The ironic aspect of this situation is the revelations of Scott McClellan are already known, he is merely confirming what anyone following the lies and distortions of the Bush administration has been aware of for years. Exactly what is “new” regarding the revelations of the former press secretary? The difference is evidence is now being presented by an insider who, of course, according to the right wing media, never really was on the inside. Rush and Ann Coulter and the others who prefer believing in lies have been disloyal to the American people for years. Just imagine what they would be saying if we had the revelations of a former press secretary to Bill Clinton!

The tragedy of this entire episode is Mr. McClellan will now have his reputation dragged through the mud of slander by those who enjoy tearing to pieces anyone who is disloyal to truth. There is nothing new about what George Bush did in lying than the reactions of the right wing media which has blocked out the truth from their minds and the American people.

Emperor Bush Stands Naked In Eyes Of Friend

Scott McClellan was a loyal follower of his employer, President George Bush, and never indicated that he doubted the brilliance of America’s leader. But, his new book, “What Happened: Inside The bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception” is a 341 page dissection of the Bush administration that already has aroused the fury of right wing supporters of the administration. ‘History appears to confirm,” he writes, “that the decision to invade Iraq was a serious strategic blunder. No one, including me, can know with absolute certainty how the war will be viewed decades from now…What I do know is that the war should only be waged when necessary, and the Iraq war was not necessary.” The former press secretary now claims he was misled by a host of Bush people ranging from Vice President Cheney to Karl Rove to Schooter Libby.

His book most probably emanates from soul searching by an individual who witnessed horrible mistakes and wonders about his own role in the fiasco. Damage control has already begun by those implicated in the disaster of Iraq and Republican control of government. Karl Rove now insists the book merely reflects “how out of the loop he was. This doesn’t sound like Scott, it sounds like a left-wing blogger. I don’t remember him speaking up (about the concerns laid out in the book)at the time.” Of course, a press secretary would have no opportunity to speak out about anything. He reported, he didn’t make policy.

McClellan makes note of the ingrained stubborness of George Bush and his inability to listen to a wide variety of viewpoints. According to the former press secretary, Bush sees the world as he wishes it to be, not as it really is. McClellan recalls once overhearing the president complain about stories that he had used cocaine and saying, “the truth is I honestly don’t remember whether I tried it or not. We had some pretty wild parties back then and I just don’t remember.” This from a man who ran for president attacking Bill Clinton for immoral behavior!

McClellan believes the over riding reason for war in Iraq was not oil, but the neoconservative dream of creating a democratic Iraq and they were willing to use any excuse in order to achieve that goal. McClellan dscribes Vice President Dick Cheney as the “magic man” who always got his way on issues he considered important whether it was war in Iraq or harsh treatment of detainees. He is only sharply critical of Secretary of State Rice who somehow dodged taking responsibility for anything and seemed to get out of situations looking as though they had nothing to do with her.

Scott McClellan still claims to like George Bush. With friends like this, the president doesn’t need enemies.