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Activists Attack Japanese Whale Research Vessels

The Japanese people want to consume whale meat and in pursuit of that goal are compelled to engage in research on the nature of whales. Of course, as part of the “scientific research,” whales somehow get killed and since there is no need to throw away the dead whales, it is only natural to bring them back to Japan so the meat of the whale could be sold. One assumes people who consume whale meat are involved in scientific research. A vessel operated by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which seeks to protect whales, attacked a Japanese ship conducting “scientific research” in the Antarctic Ocean and hurled bottles containing a foul smelling liquid on the deck of the ship.

The Kaiko Maru, along with four other Japanese ships, has been engaged in “scientific research” in the cold area of the world and hopes to continue learning more about whales. For some reason, after years of “scientific research” Japanese vessels still have not learned enough about the complex animal known as a whale. One can only wonder at which point in time the “research” will draw to a conclusion.

Japan Seizes Two Australians Who Defy Whaling Ships

The annual anger generated in Australia by Japan’s dispatch of whaling ships erupted with two Australians seized on a whaling ship and detained for alleged illegal actions. After strong protests from the Australian government, the two men were released. The Japanese claim the men attempted to throw bottles filled with acid and charged onto the deck of the ship. The men came from the Sea Sheherd which is part of anti-whaling efforts by people throughout the world. The men claim all they did was to make an attempt of delivering a letter asking the Japanese to cease and desist the killing of whales. Japan claims the killing of 1,000 whales is done for “scientific purposes.”

One can assume the only people who believe 1,000 whales are killed in the name of “science” are those who are consuming whale flesh. The Japanese palate may desire whale flesh, but the remainder of the world is tired of this senseless slaughter of whales whose numbers have been dramatically reduced because of Japanese eating habits. As Paul Watson, captain of the Sea Shepherd, put it: “The Pirates down here are the Japanese.” Of course, some of us are wondering what exactly is the”scientific research” being conducted on whales?