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Indonesian Synagogue Sealed By Muslims

Mobs of Muslims marched in Indonesia to protest Israel actions in Gaza and when they encountered one of the few synagogues in Surabays, they sealed it to prevent any access. The protestors also focused on American related business establishments like the notorious McDonalds which spread the American way of life they oppose. The head of the mob, Abdusshomad Buchonri said the real goal of was to drive out of town any Jews in order to send some sort of message to Israel. “If Israel refuses to stop its attacks on the Palestinian people immediately, we will conduct a sweep for sympathizers, supporters and Israeli agents.”

It is such demonstrations that provide Israelis with justification that Muslims seek to expel them from their homes. Indonesians have every right to protest and yell out Israel, it has nothing to do with Jews who live in their country since they are fellow Indonesians.