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British Intelligence Decides To Act Intelligently

Among the greatest failures of Intelligence services in the United States and Great Britain has been an insistence to recruit among the “right people” and to ignore recruiting agents from individuals who are members of groups deemed to be threats to the security of nations. Instead of recruiting from Muslim groups, there has been a preference to secure people to serve in spying roles who come from majority groups. The Secret Intelligence Service, M16, has decided to launch a campaign to recruit more agents from minorities and shed its image as an overwhelmingly white male agency. Ten per cent of its latest intake of high flyers– people who will be trained to gather intelligence and recruit agents abroad–were from ethnic minorities. The proportion of women in top jobs dealing with domestic security, M15, is now running at about a 50% level.

Recently, for the first time in its history, M16, decided to openly recruit people by having them sit down with intelligence agents to discuss possible roles in the organization. James Bond has been set aside along with his openly independent method of operation and the organization now seeks people of every color and shape and viewpoint.

During World War II, the famous American secret service, OSS, was headed by “Wild Bill” Donovan, who recruited communists, ex-fascists and people of every political viewpoint because he wanted a spy agency that was diverse in its composition. James Bond, you have no place in a modern intelligence agency.