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Did Dick Cheney Protect America?

Former vice president Dick Cheney ordered the CIA to hide a highly secret counter-terrorist program from Congress for eight years which raises questions as to whether he violated the law. Democratic Congressional leaders intend to learn more concerning what was the program and why it was necessary to fail to provide information to other branches of the government. The law requires the president to keep Congress “fully and currently informed about the intelligence activities” although it does allow some leeway in “exceptional sensitive matters.” For many years it has been accepted practice for the top eight congressional leaders to be informed about highly secret activities.

Seymour Hersh, the investigative reporter, claims Cheney oversaw an “executive assassination ring” for many years. The group reported directly to the office of the vice president. During World War II, the vice president was never allowed to be the conduit of special secret service operations nor was that policy in the Korean and Vietnam wars. It is time the American public learned what was going on and why the secret operation was under the jurisdiction of the vice president.

P.S. I wonder if George Bush had clearance to learn about an operation led by his vice president?