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Obama Out Plays Republicans

The Republican party believes an opposition should focus on important issues such as the cost of an airplane flight that brought President Obama and his wife to New York to see a play. Of course, no Republicans complained when former President Bush flew back to his Texas ranch to chop wood. The president nominated an outstanding Republican, Representative John McHugh, to become the new Secretary of the Army. McHugh worked with Democrats to ensure the military obtained pay raises when Bush was complaining about the high costs of paying for the armed forces. He urged an increase in the size of the Army to deal with long deployments for those on active duty.

Dick Cheney is ranting all over America, Newt Gingrich is complaining about spending for a stimulus package, and most Republicans believe the most important fight of the first decade of the 21st century is over confirmation of a Puerto Rican born Supreme Court candidate. Keep it up Republicans if you seek permanent minority status.