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Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Urges Iranian Style State

Egyptian’s moderate secular parties have been hoping the Muslim Brotherhood would cooperate in efforts to establish a democratic Egyptian nation. Their hopes were dashed with publication by the Muslim Brotherhood of its platform for change in Egypt. The document would bar women and Christians from holding the office of president and allow a board of clerics to oversee Parliament and decide which laws could be passed. A hard line group within the Brotherhood, the “Daaw,” which in Arabic translates as “preaching” over-rode objections by moderates in pushing through their fundamentalist ideas which appear to resemble the Iranian government in form and substance. Abdel Moneim Sud of the Al-Ahram Center said “it establishes a religious state. It’s an assassination for the public state.” The document argues women should not be allowed to hold high office because it would lead to “burdening women with duties against their nature or role in the family.”

The Mubarak government has failed to create a dynamic economy, it has failed to establish the basis for democracy in Egypt, and it is riddled with corruption and favoritism. rumors continue circulating President Murbarak is grooming his son to take over the office of president when he leaves. The Muslim Brotherhood platform would set back Egyptian women fifty years and make impossible any coalition that could successfully challenge Mubarak. Perhaps, it indicates the Brotherhood is considering use of violence to attain power even though it continues denying any such intention.