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UN Security Council Reaffirsms Iran Sanctions

The United Nations Security Council unanimously approved a new resolution reaffirming previous sanctions on Iran because of its failure to halt its uranium enrichment program. The resolution passed due to an American and Russian agreement not to impose new sanctions but to rely on past ons. US Ambassador Zalmay Khalizad warned, “It is unacceptable for Iran to defy the Security Council resolution.” Even several countries that had abstained on previous sanction votes went along with the latest one. Indonesian UN Ambassador mary Natalegawa, said, “once a resolution is adopted by the Security Council, it is incumbent upon member states to comply with it.”

Lost in passage of the resolution is that Russia supported the measure despite Bush claims it was refusing to cooperate with the world on dealing with Iran and nuclear weapons. The Russians do not wish an atomic bomb armed Iran.

Russian Leader Blasted For Zimbabwe Betrayal

President Dimitry Medvedev was accused by fellow members of the G-8 of going back on promises he made to the group to stand firm with its stance against the brutality of the Mugabe government. Prime Minister Gordon Brown supposedly showed the Russian leader visual materials which depict how Zimbabweans were being tortured and killed. The US Ambassador to the UN, Zalmay Khalizad, accused Medvedev of going back on an earlier promise to back the rights of Zimbabweans by changing to stand “with Mugabe against the people of Zimbabwe.” In a frank statement, the US official said: “The u-turn in the Russian position is particularly surprising and disturbing…(and) raises questions about its reliability as a G8 partner.” Russia joined with China at the Security Council in vetoing action against criminal regime of Mugabe.

British Foreign Minister David Miliband was equally infuriated. “It will appear incomprehensible to the people of Zimbabwe that Russia which committed itself at the G8 only a few days ago to take further steps including introducing financial and other sanctions, should today stand in the way of timely and decisive Security Council action.” Russian officials accused American and British UN members of “distorting the facts” concerning G8 discussions.

There is evidence Russia brought China along in its efforts to block UN action against Mugabe. Many observers believe Russia was acting in its own self interests by refusing to go along with western actions against a tyrant in order to placate non-western nations which still retain the old anti-imperialist point of view. There are reports Russian business interests are investigating business possibilities in Zimbabwe.

Iran Demands Islamic Seat In UN Security Council

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, demanded the UN be reconstituted to allow an Islamic nation to have a permanent seat in the Security Council in order to defend the interests of Muslims against foreign powers that seek to spread discord and violence. He stated, “despite enjoying great capacities, the Islamic world has been deprived of the power to defend itself.” He emphasized the only way for Islamic nations to become powerful is to unite and use their resources as a means to exerting their power. Once again, he made clear his nation’s nuclear program was solely for the purpose of peaceful use of atomic energy and there was no intention or goal to develop nuclear weapons.

The Ayatollah certainly has a point, but, unfortunately, it would be difficult to identify THE Islamic power that would sit in the Security Council. Obviously, Khamenei knows who that nation would be although being a Shiite nation, the vast majority of Muslims who are Sunni would hardly allow Iran to represent their interests. His comments reveal fundamental problems with Islamic nation being able to exert their will due to divisions and religious animosities that have nothing to do with the West or Israel, but with themselves.

South Africa Supports UN Intervention In Zimbabwe

Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Britain will place the issue of Zimbabwe before a special meeting of the UN Security Council, and South Africa’s UN envoy, Dumisani Kumalo, said his country would not raise any objectons to such a discussion. This support for international intervention in the Zimbabwe crisis represents a remarkable shift on the part of President Mbeki’s government which, up to this point, has downgraded the situation in that nation and insisted President Mugabe had the situation well in hand. However, the incoming president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has taken a strong stand against Mugabe and this may have influenced Mbeki to back off from supporting his dear friend, Mugabe.

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe, police raided the headquarters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDDC) and arrested hundreds of people. Naturally, the Mugabe police insisted those seeking refuge at MDC headquarters were criminals. Human Rights Watch has documented evidence of the brutal campaign being waged by the Mugabe government against all who resist its power.