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The Follies Of Privatizing Wars

Throughout the history of the United States our armed forces dealt with war and private companies provided the weapons of war. However, under the Bush administration a new era opened in which private contractors did tasks ordinarily performed by those in the military. For some reason, the brilliant work of Army and Navy engineers in WW II and other conflicts was replaced by gun-toting men who more often resembled the Hessians of the Revolutionary war than modern soldiers. The independent Project on Government Oversight sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton which blasts the current security situation at the Kabul embassy. A number of guards hired to provide security claim they are subject to hazing and inappropriate behavior by supervisors.

The investigation revealed guards pulling 14 hour long days, language barriers and a failure to hold private enterprise companies accountable for their actions. The report includes examples of abuse in which there was urinating on people. The bottom line is why has the United States moved away from using soldiers to using mercenaries. Once again, George Bush ushered in a new era of rampant private enterprise which has led to human rights abuses.

Another Day In Baghdad – More Killings By Seccurity Guards

Security guards working for the the Dubai-based security company, United Resources Group, were escorting a civilian convoy through the streets of Baghdad when they came to an intersection. One of the guards signaled for an Oldsmobile to move over so they could speed on, but apparently, the driver of the Oldsmobile did not act fast enough. According to shopkeeper Ammar Fallah who observed the incident, ‘when she failed to do so they opened fire, killing her and the woman next to her. The women were both shot in the head.” Witnesses said the convoy then sped away “like gangsters.”

This incident is not unusual, it is merely one of dozens that daily occur in the streets of Baghdad. The Iraq war is the first in American history in which our military has abrogated its responsibilities for safety and security by turning over duties formerly performed by trained soldiers to mercenaries working for private security companies. America has entrusted its future to hired gun men who are not bound by any laws of either Iraq or the United States. It is interesting the women were both shot in the head, this indicates someone took aim, knew their targets, and fired. Is this the best way America can bring democracy to Iraq?