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What Price Salvation For The Soul Of John McCain?

I live in Missouri and recently we have been hit by constant ads on our phones and television from Republicans who have resorted to every dirty trick in the books. John McCain several months ago promised he would not discuss the religious connections between the Reverend Wright and Barack Obama– famous last words since ads depicting that relationship are repeatedly seen. In 2000, John McCain denounced religious forces of the right, but today, he has embraced them as dear friends and selected as his running mate a person who is incompetent, but politically correct. His admiral father and grandfather must be turning over in their graves at the sight of McCain selecting as his second in command the most incompetent and ignorant person ever to run for high office in America.

John McCain once stood for decency and bipartisanship but now boasts he will select Supreme Court judges who oppose abortion– a selection that will tear apart the US Senate. He has come forth with an idiotic proposal for health insurance which never would get through Congress, he has refused to support equity for women in the workplace, an idea which would create turmoil in Congress, and the very sight of a Vice President Palin is an insult to any intelligent member of Congress.

John McCain once stood for integrity and honor. He upheld American values of common sense and respect for the rights of all Americans. Today, he boasts of Joe the Plumber as his symbol of America at a time when this nation needs the talents and expertise of well educated people. McCain panders to ignorance, he sleeps with right wing religious fanatics and echoes their words.

Is power the only thing for John McCain? Will he do and say anything to obtain power? What price salvation, Mr. McCain, what price salvation?