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A Statue Too Far In Senegal Arouses Muslims

I confess to not being a Muslim, but like many, I attempt to comprehend how another religion views the world, but sometimes, what concerns others baffles me. An important imam in Senegal issued a fatwa against a new statue which celebrates the “African Renaissance” because the construction depicts a human form in some form of worship. The statue will be higher than the Statue of Liberty and the man, woman and child will sit on a hill overlooking the capital city of Dakar. According to imam Massamba Diop, who issued the fatwa and urged that it be read in mosques in an effort to “ask Allah to preserve us from the punishment this monument of shame risks bringing on Senegal.”

I gather this means Mohammad or God or some figure in the sky will halt whatever is on his mind and rush to Senegal, take one look at the monument, heave a sigh of anger and send a thunderbolt of anger to smash it to pieces. How about a fatwa against poverty or persecution of young girls who are forced into marriage?

Don’t Be Gay In Africa These Days!

Pape Mbaye was a famous entertainer in Senegal, he was enjoying a good life and was highly respected and admired for his singing, dancing, and storytelling, but one day he committed an unpardonable sin in the eyes of many of his countrymen, he helped stage a gay wedding. It also became apparent he might even be a gay person. In February of this year, the media reported stories about a gay wedding and Mbaye’s name was mentioned as the person who organized the affair. In the subsequent weeks, Mbaye was harassed by police, attacked by mobs, driven from his home, ripped to pieces by the media, and forced to live on the run. In July, the United States offered him refugee status which was unusual since most people who are persecuted for sexual orientation ordinarily obtain this status.

Mbaye is now in the Bronx living in semi-poverty and making it a point to avoid having much contact with the American community of Senegalese. He was stopped one day by a m an from Senegal who told him: “If you were in Senegal, I would kill you.” There is little doubt in poverty stricken Africa it is easier for governments to go after gays in order to distract people from poverty and war. Anti-gay hysteria is now sweeping large sections of the continent.

Mbaye is content to be in America. “There’s security, there’s independence, there’s peace” he says.

Education For Begging-Trafficking In Children

Human trafficking takes many forms ranging from abuse of women for sexual purposes to brutalization of workers by unscrupulous employers, but a more under reported tale is educating children to work as beggars. There are about 1.2 million children in the world who ostensibly are receiving education, but their parents do not realize the education consists of their children being transformed into beggars. A recent study by the ILO, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and the World Bank, reveals in Dakar, capital of Senegal, there are 7,600 children who work as beggars. Many of the children’s parents were told their sons were being placed in an Islamic school where they would receive a good education, but, in reality, the only education the boys obtain is how to become an effective beggar.

In a story printed in The Times of India, the life of a boy named Coli describes how his family willingly placed him with people they thought were Koranic educators. However, once in the Koranic school, Coli spent about two hours memorizing material from the Koran and nine hours working the streets of Dakar begging for money. Coli is but one of thousands of such children who live in extremely poverty and are abused by older children while they spent their days begging in the name of religion.