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Pay Up Or Go To Hell In Russia!

The recession in Russia has resulted in large numbers of people who are unable to repay loans or other debts. As a result, the Federal Court Marshals Service is faced with an ever increasing load of back cases. In desperation, the Russian government has turned to the Moscow Patriarchate for assistance. The Marshals and the Church have assigned priests to offer sermons in their churches which denounce failure to repay debts as a sin. “Priests will say that unpaid debt is the same as theft in Christianity. The Marshal Service is reported in discussions with Muslim religious leaders to get the good word worked into sermons from imams. Buddhists who teach reincarnation teach failure to pay off debts means one carries them into the next alternative life. I am not exactly clear how becoming a dog enables one to pay off past debts. Perhaps, one can pay off in dog biscuits.

The entire episode is ridiculous and violates the very foundation of Christianity. Does anyone actually believe Jesus Christ would stand at the door of the pearly gates of heaven checking bank accounts and debts?

P.S. Just wondering, but how come no discussion with rabbis to slip in a few good words about paying off debts?