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Israel’s Netenyahu To Obama– Shove It!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will announce his refusal to go along with requests from President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for an end to any form of housing construction in West Bank settlements. As a sop to the Obama administration he may pursue destruction of some outlying illegal settlements. According to the Israel Peace Now group, about 44% of West Bank settlements were built on Palestinian owned land, but Netanyahu feels committed to the principle of unlimited construction regardless of American demands or the need to end these activities in order to secure peace with Palestinian leaders.
Netanyahu will argue there will be no further appropriation of Palestinian land and all growth will be within the boundaries of existing settlements.

Hillary Clinton and President Obama understand that no Palestinian government can accept the present status quo in which Israel has seized land from Palestinians and is now refusing to acknowledge the right of Palestinians to have a government in east Jerusalem. Both sides have made clear their position, the fight has begun, who will win the battle?