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Israeli Jihadists Strike At Palestinian Drivers

The Israeli government maintains accurate records of attacks by Palestinians on their citizens but for some reason attacks by Israelis on Palestinians is not always recorded. Palestinian drivers were proceeding on their journey when suddenly they were attacked by stone throwing West Bank settlers who believe God has ordained they must remain in the area regardless of the cost to themselves or other humans. Medics said two Palestinians were taken to the hospital as a result of stoning, and the culprits fled into their settlements where they can declaim and denounce any effort to achieve peace with the terrorist Palestinians.

Settlers have warned the netanyahu government they will not peacefully accept any form of destruction of their homes because it is stated in the Torah that Israelis have a right to build houses anywhere in the area now known as Palestine. Naturally, with such attitudes it makes impossible any peaceful settlement with Palestinians.

We hope the Israel government releases figures on attacks by settlers on innocent Palestinians.

Will Disbanding West Bank Settlements Lead To War?

There are decisions made by nation’s which come back to haunt future leaders who must live with failure to act in the past. For nearly forty years, some Israel leaders have warned of dangers that might arise from continuing to allow settlers to expand their building on the West Bank. President Shimon Peres told members of the British Parliament that his nation would encounter difficulty dismantling West Bank settlements and such action might readily turn into violence, if not war within Israel. Despite anti-Israel demonstrations by supporters of the Palestinians, Peres told Oxford University students recent peace proposals by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia might be the basis of peace, but it would require action by Arab nations to make Hamas abide by the provisions of such an agreement.

Peres raises an important point in emphasizing any agreement must be implemented and responsibility for that rests in the hands of Arab leaders. On the other hand, the Israel government must be prepared to deal with angry West Bank settlers in order to ensure that agreements are respected. Most probably, there might have to be some minor modifications about the West Bank that would allow a small portion to remain in the hands of Israel. Such, might be reality.

Jewish Settlers Defies Logic And Judaism On West Bank

Nadia Matar, leader of the radical Jewish settler movement, Women in Green, expressed her anger at Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who changed his nation’s policy by switching to support a UN resolution calling on Israel to cease building more settlements in the West Bank. However, according to Ms. Matar, “who are you to tell me I am not allowed to build here, in my homeland? Jews are allowed to build in France, in New York, in Australia, but I am not allowed to build here?” She believes the Oslo accords with Palestinians was a “criminal betrayal” of Jews and the peace treaty with Egypt w as a “tragic mistake.” Perhaps, one could smile at the stubborn refusal of Ms. Matar to come to grips with reality, but her attitude is also found among many Israeli citizens who continue believing their nation does not have to compromise.

In 1972, there were 1182 Jewish settlers in the West Bank, today, there are about 282,00. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has come the full cycle and now accepts the need for compromise and evacuation of the West Bank if Israel is to achieve lasting peace. If people like Ms. Matar have power, Israel is condemned to another fifty years of fighting and anger and killing.

Israel Security Chief Warns Of Violence

Israeli Shin Bet chief, Yuval Diskin, warned the Cabinet that action to remove West Bank settlers would most probably result in conflict that could turn violent. The Cabinet voted to end any support either direct or indirect to the illegal outposts which are constructed by extreme minded settlers who want Israel to rule the West Bank and have scant interest in the needs of Palestinians. “The scope of the conflict will be much larger than it is today and than it was during the disengagement,” warned Diskin. ‘Our investigation found a very high willingness among the public to use violence– not just stones, but live weapons– in order to prevent r halt a diplomatic process.”

There is evidence the settlers are trapped in messianic, mystic views that endow their actions with support from God. Right wing Israel fanatics believe they must fight to retain control of the West Bank as though it was something ordained in Heaven. Reality is there will not be peace between Israel and Palestinians without ending West Bank settlements as they presently exist.

Right Wing Israeli Fanatics Cause Turmoil

The current state of the Israel-Palestinian conflict is linked to decisions made by the Israel government over the past forty years to allow Jewish settlers on the West Bank. These individuals have become a thorn in the quest for peace in the Middle East. Over the past few weeks, fanatic West Bank settlers violently assaulted Palestinians during the olive harvest and created turmoil within the area. The European Union reacted sharply to these actions. “The European Union once again condemns in the strongest possible terms the acts of violence and brutality committed against Palestinian civilians by Israeli settlers in the West Bank.” The EU emphasized it was the responsibility of the Israel government to halt this behavior and protect the rights of Palestinians.

Israel security forces tried tearing down illegal structures built by West Bank settlers only to have them rebuilt in defiance of law and order. Settlers even hurled rocks at Palestinian reporters and hurt several members of the IDF. There are reports these Israeli hooligans desecrated headstones at a Muslim cemetery and damaged more than 80 vehicles owned by Palestinians.

There will be no peace between Israel and Palestinians until radical groups on both sides are finally crushed.

Illegal West Bank Outposts Must Go, Says Olmert

Prime Minister Olmert of Israel emphatically told his ministers that all illegal outposts on the West Bank must be dismantled as soon as possible. He termed the outposts, which were build withoout authorization by government authorities, to be a “disgrace” which should be remedied as soon as possible in order to put Israel in accordance with the road map laid out for peace negotiations with Palestinians. His comments came days after President Bush had commented those installations “ought to go” for the future of peace. Olmert told his colleagues, that Bush, “repeated the absolute commitment of the US that no agreement between us and the Palestinians can be implemented on the ground before the full implementation of the road map both in Gaza and the West Bank.”

Israel’s government has a choice– give up a few dozen scattered outposts that mainly provide home to a few hundred people or give up possession of housing that provides homes for 250,000 Jewish settlers. It is clear the Olmert government is going to protect the existing West Bank settlements and will not pay much attention to the needs of a few hundred settlers. The question ignored by Bush and Olmert is why should Palestinian leaderes accept loss of land to settlers who initially entered territory that was not part of the original state of Israel carved out by the UN?