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Theologian: Jews Better At Sex Than Christians!

As a Jew, during the course of my life I have been accused by Christians of killing Christ, making millions, plotting the overthrow of the world, being a capitalist, being a communist, being a bully, being coward, but no one ever accused me of being better at sex than a Christian. Theology professor, Leif Carlsson, speaking at the Hono Conference, informed the audience that when it comes to sex, Jews have it all over Christians. He noted the silence of Jesus Christ about sex, and, of course, he never married. In fact, according to Carlsson, sex is a non issue among early Christians. On the other hand, Carlsson points out “in rabbinical Judaism, it(sex) is heavily emphasized. They say that sex is more important than studying the Torah.” There is even specific instructions for Jews concerning how frequently one must have sex. “For a sailor, it is once every six months, for an unemployed person, daily, and for a teacher of the Torah, every Friday.” There are even restrictions against forced sex in a marriage.

As one who has married three Christian women, I now know why the sex issue, on occasion, comes up short. We Jews must have it daily, but for them Christians, God knows when they must have it. Perhaps, the solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is having more sex between the two groups. Who knows, maybe an orgy or so will solve their problems and tire them out from arguing about every issue. Then again, Palestinians are mainly Muslim and who knows what they do about sex.