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FLASH! No Sex Foreplay In Saudi Arabia

We regret to inform the people of Saudi Arabia that their government has closed down the Jeddah office of a Lebanon-based television after it aired an interview with a Saudi man who discussed his sexual escapades. Mazan Abdul-Janwad, 32, was arrested last month in the Red Sea city of Jedah after he went public with stories about how he enjoyed sex and was able to please women who had the good fortune to physically interact with the big man. The divorced father of four spoke from his bedroom in Jeddah and discussed various techniques of foreplay to make the sexual experience an enjoyable one for both partners.

The good news for Saudis is they had an opportunity to listen to descriptions of how to enjoy sex in the bedroom. The bad news is the speaker did not provide visual instruction about how to fool around before really plunging into some sex. For those who do not live in Saudi Arabia, are we to infer no one in Saudi Arabia engages in foreplay but just gets to it?

Perhaps, the crackdown on Mr. Jawad explains why Saudi women are not allowed in the driver’s seat?