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China Gets Sex Education Program Going

The Chinese government has launched a sex-education program in order to deal with the inherent shyness of many young Chinese who will not discuss sex issues or seek professional aid. Among the kick off events was a kissing contest which somehow is connected with reducing unhealthy sex activity. The new program is partially in response to pornography and sexually explicit materials available online as well as the popularity of foreign films which depict sex in ways not normally presented in Chinese films. The slogan of the campaign is “the sunshine project to care for gender health.” It includes posters, ads, and an international sex toy fair to make young people aware there are ways to prevent unintended children.

Chinese society has never been on in which people go around discussing their sex lives in the manner of Americans. Every day and night American TV depicts couples and individuals discussing their sex problems and being willing to do any ridiculous activity in order to get the world to know what they think about sex.

The reality is too many young Chinese are not seeking medical help when they need it and this leads to sexually transmitted diseases spreading.