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Australia’s New Sex Party Adds Sex To Politics!

Australia has a new political party whose goals are in line with modern thinking by advocating a little more sex in the lives of people. In sharp contrast to right wing conservatives who deny reality, the sex experts want a national sex curriculum in schools and recognition of gay marriage. According to Eros head, Fiona Patten, “we’re concerned about the Australian government becoming nanny state.” She had hoped Kevin Rudd would be more open to ideas, and was shocked when he termed photographs of nude teenagers as “shocking.” Ms. Patten also expressed concerns about a government proposal for a national Internet filter that would block about 10,000 web sites.

The Chinese government blocks web sites it deems offensive because they express ideas about freedom, the Iran government does not want its youth accessing 5,000,000 web sites that offer a variety of ideas about life in the 21st century and now Australia is concerned that people will access information about sex. One can be against pornography without denying the right of those who enjoy it their right to pursue what attracts their interest. Government has no place making decisions about personal human interests.