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Canada Changes Age Of Consent For Sex

In olden days, everyone thought laws dealing with relationships between people could be clearly described and agreed upon, but, we inhabit the world of mass media in which predators hover over the lives of young boys and girls. Since 1892, Canada has defined the age of making sexual decisions as 14 but it now will be raised to 16 which places it in alignment with most western nations. The law does include an “close-in-age” provision which means it would be legal for a 15 year-old girl to have sex with a 19 year-old boy provided the relationship was not exploitive and the older boy did not have any position of authority over the girl.

However, gay groups are concerned because it still remains illegal for males under the age of 18 to engage in sexual relationships. Two gay or bisexual 17 year-olds who engaged in sex could be charged with criminal activities. In our quest for equity, life becomes more interesting and more complex.