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Kuwait To Deport “Runaways”

The Kuwait Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor is preparing to take action against runaway domestic laborers. Nearly 1,200 domestic laborers are presently sheltered in embassies, deportation prisons, and domestic labor shelters. Earlier this year, the U.S. State Department issued a report blacklisting Kuwait for trading in human beings.

The Middle East, which the Bush administration claims is a bastion in our fight for democracy, is among the most notorious centers of human abuse in the world. Thousands of immigrant workers have been brought into these countries where they are subject to beatings, rape, and even being killed without much concern on the part of governments. The “runaways” are being punished for escaping brutality rather than having action taken against those inflicting brutal actions against them. There have been many reported cases of suicides, particularly on the part of young women who frequently are beaten or sexually abused by employers. It is quite clear victims will be persecuted while victimizers will be ignored.