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Is Shared Child Care A Solution?

Father groups are up in arms over proposals to change existing laws which encourage both parents to continue being responsible for sharing in the raising of children living through divorce. A recent study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies found that 70% of male and female lawyers believed the existing law favors fathers over mothers, and 62% said they favored parent rights over children rights and needs. One lawyer noted that “a lot of women are desperate to settle because they are so frightened of what might happen if they go to court.” The study believes shared care all too often ignores needs of children in order to deal with emotional of financial needs of adults.

The National Council for Children Post-Separation believes the current system has resulted in “parents being forced to send their children to abusive and violent parents as part of court-ordered custody visits.” This is one issue that has no clear-cut conclusion. One could readily argue both sides of this dispute. Children benefit by having interaction with both parents, but if one parent is abusive it results in emotional damage.