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No Female Prosecutors May Apply In Kuwait

A Kuwaiti court denied a female law school graduate the right to apply for a position as a prosecutor in the county’s judiciary. Ms.Shurouk Al-Failakawi sued because the advertisement for the position of prosecutor was posted for male prosecutors only. There is no stipulation in Kuwaiti law that prohibits females from assuming posts in the judiciary, but the Constitutional court made clear that Sharia law took precedence over secular law in Kuwait. The second article of the constitution states that Islam is “the religion of the state” and Sharia(Islamic law) is a “main source of legislation.”

Ms.Al-Failakawi was ordered to pay court costs in addition to being informed of her second class status in the country. Sharia law won today, but there will be a tomorrow all over the Muslim world in which women are finally equals of men.

Does Sharia Law Supersede National Law

At a recent meeting of Muslim scholars in Indonesia, it was proposed that Muslims must comply with sharia law and raised questions as to whether there were occasions when national law took precedence. According to some scholars, “sharia is based on the consensus of Muslim communities. Therefore, the potential for it to be rejected is low.” Although, not a Muslim or one who is knowledgeable about Shaira law, this statement raises questions. The expression, “consensus of Muslim communities” suggests there is a process of soliciting opinion of members of a community. In real life, it is rare to have all people in a community accept a particular view. In the absence of a voting process the only alternative is seeking the ideas of Muslim scholars.

They may be scholars but it is impossible for them to conclude a majority of Muslims in a community agree or disagree on a particular point without some elective or voting process.

Muslim Guardians Of Morality-Gang Rape Girl!

She was a twenty one year old college student who was headed home when halted by the local Muslim Sharia patrol who regard their task in life is to protect people in Aceh province from those spreading immorality. It is unclear whether her skirt was too short or maybe the blouse was slightly unbuttoned or perhaps it was the manner in which she did her hair, but the guardians of morality decided to detain the girl and take her to the police station. While at the police station, the young college student was gang raped by a patrol whose task was protection of morality. Norma Manalu of Aceh’s human rights group expressed her anger by noting, “they don’t have the authority to detain people, their role is to give moral advice, that’s all.”

Marzuki Abdullah, head of the 1500 sharia force emphasized nothing illegal occurred while the men were on patrol and the rape occurred after they were working enforcing sharia law. That apparently, in his view, clears guardians of vice and morality from punishment. I guess the message is detain, take to police station, wait to your shift is over, and then rape!

Clothes Police In Action In Indonesia

Yuli is a young woman who drives a scooter in Banda Aceh in Indonesia, but when she enters the city, a policeman is bound to halt her, have her stand, and then check her clothes. If the hemline is too high, it is a crime in this Sharia driven province. The other day the Sharia police told her to quit wearing jeans and put on some good Islamic clothes. In a single hour, eight women were forced to have their clothes examined and charged with having tight slacks or blouses that reveal too much of the female figure. Only three men were halted and cited for wearing shorts. Sharia police commissioner Hali Marzuki insisted: “we have to respect shaira law, which has been adopted by the provisional government and which stipulates that women can only show their faces and hands.”

Aceh province is among the few areas in Indonesia where sharia is enforced. However, it is not as strict as Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia. Unlike strict sharia law enforcers, the Indonesian version is carried out by police who tend to be polite and avoid physical punishment of offenders. As one sharia policeman commented: “punishment is not the objective of the law. We must convince and explain.”

Of course, when two lovers have to make out, they make certain to be discreet and avoid being seen by anyone, let alone the sharia police.

An Intolerant View Of Muslim Law In Saudi Arabia

I am an intolerant man who does not respect, like or believe certain laws and practices in certain Muslim nations have anything to do with religion. I believe Mohammed would be shocked at what people do in his name just as the reason Jesus Christ has never come back to Earth is his shock at what Christians do in His name. A seventy five year old woman in Saudi Arabia was arrested along with two younger men on charges they violated the country’s sex segregation law. The woman will receive forty lashes and the men sixty plus some time in jail. The Minister of the Interior has ordered the sentences to be implemented as soon as possible.

Yes, I do not understand how any civilized nation could lash a seventy-five year old woman on ANY grounds, no less than one which relates to some ridiculous law about sexual segregation. At worse, what did they do-kiss, fondle, or God forbid have sex! Heck if a seventy-five year old woman can have some good sex, God Bless her.

Sharia Law In Indonesia?

Bylaws for the area in Indonesia known as Aceh allow the imposition of Shariah law including stoning adulterers to death, 100 lashes for premarital sex and other violations of human rights. Jennie Bev, writing in the Jakarta Post raises the issue as to whether Indonesia, which is a more modern Isalmic nation, can accept a situation in which one area of the country functions under fundamentalist law. Failing to nullify such laws will result in “not only will pluralism be threatened, but it will engender an age of distrust and Indonesia will be thrust back into the Dark Ages.” She notes that Indonesia’s national laws include ratification of UN and other international laws which would not allow actions such as stoning people to death or imposing a lashing punishment.

If God is the ultimate source of compassion and love how can humans impose punishments for those who violate moral standards? It is one thing to arrest a person, place them on trial with all provisions in place for objectivity as against a group of men deciding what is or is not moral behavior.

Can a piece of the puzzle that is known as a nation have different laws and standards of morality than the rest of the country?

Is There A Caner In The House?

The Malaysian government went through the process of trying a 32 year-old model, Kartika Sari Dewi, for the horrific crime of having a drink of alcohol and then discovered they had a problem– there was not a caner in the house who had the skills to flog a woman! The Home Minister said, “I have to admit we do not have experience in this case… I cannot allow it if we do not have the expertise.” Sharia law outlines procedures for the caning of a woman, and for some reason there is no one in Malaysia with those skills.

I am quite willing to give a few whacks for the right price. I promise not to break any skin or even make the woman cry out in pain. I think Malaysia needs to create a corps of “painless caners” who are ready to jump into action and pretend they are caning. In this way, caning occurs, no one is hurt, and it sends a vivid message to those who want to have a beer the consequence of that evil act is performing in a Kabuki performance of pretend caning.

Nigerian “Taliban” Style Militants Create Chaos

Most Muslims are not connected to terrorist groups, but, as in all religions, there are militants who preach violence in the name of God. Nigeria has been wracked for days by violence initiated on the part of Nigerian style Taliban who seek to impose a strict form of Sharia law in every part of the nation. Initial reports describe hundreds of bodies and more still being uncovered as violence raged through many parts of northern Nigeria which is the center of Muslims in the country. A local journalist from the state of Borno claimed at least 200 militants were surrounding a mosque as they waited for Nigerian troops and police to attempt driving them away. During the fighting militants torched churches and government buildings.

Police reports indicate many militants have fled to forest areas. Initial reports suggest the militants are attempting to create conflict between northern Muslims and southern Christians and play upon tensions which have arisen as northern states impose sharia law.

Malaysian Model Sentenced To Caning For Beer

The decision by an Islamic court to impose a fine and caning to a Malaysian model for the crime of having a beer has shocked many people in the nation. Malaysia is a multicultural nation although a majority of its inhabitants are Muslim and this has resulted in creating a Sharia court system alongside the civil courts. Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno will receive six strokes because she consumed alcohol in eastern Pahang state last year. Amnesty International Malaysia executive director, Nora Murat made clear “the punishment of whipping is defined as torture and hence we should not in any way condone it. This is the wrong way to educate anyone about religion. When the sin is between her and God, there is always an option of being repentant. It’s up to God to decide on her faith, and not people.”

Islamic Mufti Harussani Zakaria responded the punishment was lenient and it “was meted out on her just to shame and educate her.” I gather there are Muslim clerics who actually believe a few strokes will end consumption of alcohol. We suggest they read a book about Prohibition in America to learn the idiocy of such a line of reasoning. If the goal is ending alcoholism, strokes of a cane do more to further this form of behavior than any other line of punishment. Perhaps, an education program might be a bit more successful.

P.S. How many Malaysian men have been caned due to drinking alcohol?

Wither Pakistan-Fundamentalism Or Democracy?

Cleric Abdul Aziz was released from jail in Pakistan and returned to his famous red mosque in order to preach radical fundamentalism to adoring crowds. In his sermons, the cleric calls for imposition of Islamic sharia law across the nation and organizing Muslims in the world to fight against non-Islamic beliefs. The Pakistan government freed him in order to once again appease the forces of hatred in the nation. They already gave the Taliban control over the Swat Valley as part of the Zardari solution which is based on the concept if you empower the Taliban and other radical Islamists, then somehow you have furthered the cause of peace in the nation.

There is no policy to fight fundamentalism in Pakistan. The government has lost the will to fight for democratic principles which, most probably, most Pakistanis seek to have in their nation. Instead, a weak government is fostering fundamentalism in the name of confronting it. And, how will the United States and other western nations deal with this reality?