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Pakistan-Don’t Fight Taliban- Accept Their Ideas!

The Swat Valley in northwestern Pakistan used to be a resort area where people went for relaxation and like all such places formal ideas of dress and behavior were not rigidly part of daily life. But, with the influx of the Taliban, the old ideas of modern life will shortly be replaced with the old ideas of olden times. The Pakistan government has decided to introduce Shariah law across large segments of the northwest region of the country in an effort to appease Taliban insurgents. Any laws that do no comply with the strict interpretation of the Koran will be suspended. “This was the peoples’ demand,” said Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti. One assumes the “people” did not include representatives of women who seek to obtain an education.

A 30 member delegation of the Taliban met with government representatives and made clear they would only lay down their arms if Shariah law was introduced. The Taliban in the Swat valley have been burning down schools for girls and one can assume they still believe that modern education for girls violates Islamic law.

The price for peace in the Swat valley is acceding to Taliban demands. Naturally, the agreement was made by men for men and the women be damned!

Canadian Mosque Denounces West And Jews

A Toronto based mosque has been demanding that Canadian business establishments allow Muslim women to follow their religious practices while at the same time it denounces Western ideas and spreads hatred against Jews. The Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque serves over 10,000 Muslims in Toronto and supports efforts by some Somalia women to be allowed to follow their religious practices while at work. The mosque website frequently refers to Westerners as “wicked,” “corrupt,” “our clear enemies” and even blames Jews as the cause of changing clothing attire it deems to violate the Muslim religion. The website suggests watching sporting events in which women compete is against Muslim practice since they wear skimpy clothes.

At the center of the women’s case against a UPS plant is the company’s policy on clothing. UPS is concerned that a longer dress might pose safety threats and insists all people working in its plant adhere to the same clothing requirements. On one hand, the mosque defends the right of Muslim women to wear their own style clothes, but on the other hand it argues Muslim women should not work outside the home. According to the website, “It is in clear opposition t the texts of the Shariah that order the women to remain in their houses and to fulfill the type of work that is particular for her.” However, these women indicated they had to work for economic reasons.